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CAPTION 🔻‼️👇 Via @jim_abernethy
Why is this shark smiling ? 🦈 Legislation is currently being filed in Florida to ensure the State will no longer support and participate in the global trade of shark fins, a trade that is devastating shark populations around the world at a rate that is leading to the extinction of many shark species.

The trade continues to thrive despite regulations that prohibit the act of “finning” or requirements to “land sharks whole/fins attached”. Both provisions leave the door wide open to the continued targeting of sharks for their fins, whether they are finned at sea, illegally, or finned after they are landed. Enforcement is complicated and beyond the capacity of most agencies. As long as fins can be freely sold and transported, it is nearly impossible to curb finning and the illegal fin trade.

There is little public outrage because the wholesale slaughter of sharks takes place out of sight. Most citizens are shocked to find out that their own home state enables the trade of fins. And most of them vehemently oppose this and want it stopped. Florida is surrounded by the sea and it’s tourism and fishing economy depends on the ocean. If this bill passes, the State will be a shining example for conservation and protection of sharks, rather than a passive participant in the fin trade.

In an ideal world we would follow sustainable management plans of all fisheries, around the globe. But that is unfortunately an unrealistic dream at this point. Sharks are being taken at a highly unsustainable rate and we must act with measures that are practical and enforceable, such as a prohibition on the sale and trade of shark fins.

Since Texas and all the West Coast states have banned the sale and import/export of fins, Florida has become the hub for the trade of fins in the US. By allowing this to continue, Florida is supporting the global trade of shark fins.

To show the legislature how important this issue is, we need YOUR HELP! Please click the link in @jim_abernethy‘s bio to add your name. @sharkallies @sealegacy @wildlifevoiceinc #TurningTheTide
#NoFinFL #StopTheFinTrade #worthmorealive #savesharks


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False killer whales in Revillagigedo (June 2018, in San Benedicto)!!! The false killer whale (Pseudorca crassidens) is a large oceanic dolphin that inhabits oceans worldwide but mainly frequents tropical regions. It was first described in 1846 as a species of porpoise based on a skull, which was revised when the first carcasses were observed in 1861. The name "false killer whale" comes from the similar skull characteristics to the killer whale (Orcinus orca).


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Beyond magic! Please #helpsavesharks !!!! Incredible swimming with “Deep Blue” one of the largest great white s for hour! Just using our @oneoceandiving boat as a scratching post, so mellow and beautiful. Help ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays with @oneoceanconservation this year & in your local/international community ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ AHHHHHHMAZING!!!! #Beyondwords still out to sea/going back in 😍😍😍😍😍😍 vid shot by @oneoceandiving Shark specialist & my amazing #seaster @mermaid_kayleigh out with @juansharks @camgrantphotography @oneoceanresearch


Name the shark / Video by @jalilnajafov


Words by @juansharks juansharks
Face to face with the worlds largest great white ever recorded “Deep Blue” with @oceanramsey. I’m still in shock that we spent almost the whole day with this amazing animal in my backyard. I haven’t slept in almost two days and spent all morning looking for her today with no luck so far, as long as there is a chance I will do every I can to make it happen again. #notgivingup #unicorn #fingerscrossed #oahulife #helpsavesharks #ApexPredatorNotMonster #cagethefear #hawaii #whiteshark #sharks #DeepBlue #greatwhiteshark shot by #juansharks


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Not all heroes wear capes; some choose fins. Rob Stewart's final labor of love -- Sharkwater: Extinction -- comes to select US screens and on digital platforms on February 1. .. @teamsharkwater
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Words by @oceanramsey
PHOTO BY @juansharks 😍😱🤭😳😍 Maybe my fav photo of me (@oceanramsey) and Shark ohana 🦈 of all time so far 😳😍😱 It’s so hard to choose, so many beautiful moments I am so eternally grateful for sharks please help save them. I am without words and at the same time I think I never stop speaking up for sharks, I am grateful beyond measure for my experiences and what they have taught me. This photo was taken yesterday off my home waters of Oahu, Hawaii when hey Shark I think I’ve met previously in Isla Guadalupe graced us with her big beautiful incredible presence 💙 I headed out with my team from @oneoceandiving (my ❤️ @juansharks ) and @mermaid_kayleigh @camgrantphotography for a day I will never forget. I’ve been trying to get the bill re-introduced in Hawaii to ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays and this just feels like the biggest sign to keep pushing forward for more protection for them. Shark populations around the planet are severely declined. They need protection from targeted shark fishing for shark been soup and sport fishing. Please speak up in your own community and help support international efforts. #helpsavesharks #savesharks #shark #greatwhiteshark #sharks #oceanramseyandgreatwhite #oceanramseygreatwhite PHOTO BY #JUANSHARKS