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Natasha Rizky Pradita

Santai with skort by @rokgaliya 🤗💗

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Follow @tupia_ @tupia_@tupia_ kwa mahitaji ya saa Original kali na wao wata kuletea ulipo na mikoani wana tuma pia. Wasiliana nao kupitia WhatsApp on 0762829716

Kwa saa kama hizi na nyenginezo nyingi kali kwa bei poa wa follow uweze kuji chagulia


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loh ada apa antara ricis ama @young_lex18 wkwkwk 😅😅 14.30 wib ya nonton @netijen.transtv 😅😭

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Roza Zərgərli

Görüm Yarı - mahnısının duet ortaqı - Pərvin Səfərov @pervin_seferov_ 🇦🇿💃🕺

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Adorable and cutest couple of TV.. Ravi and Sargun ♥️
Inquiries 👉🏻 @mdaftabk
Follow 👉🏻 @filmygyan
#filmygyan #bollywood

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Fashion Nova

No Better Time Than Now 💕⠀
Search: "So In Love With You Set"⠀
Tag @FashionNova & #FashionNova to get like @chloesaxon and be featured on our page! ⠀

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Nia Sharma

Can can!

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Seronoknya kalau dapat makan tepi pantai gini. Hai @zulinaziz makan sambil cuci mata ke tu? 😜 #MeleTOP
Repost @zulinaziz

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19 Eylül Gaziler Günü kutlu olsun 🇹🇷

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Kathy Indera

dumdum dum dum dumm dummmmmmmmmm ~
btw have you guys watch my talkshow on my youtube channel ?
you better click link on my bio, and if you guys have some idea for the next video
you guys can just go to @kw.stalking page, and put it up in the comment. please be polite
its gonna be so helpfull ❤️
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Avneet Kaur Official

No one will ever be as entertained by us as us.😂♥️ @thesiddharthnigam @theabhisheknigam
P.s- never getting over these pictures !
📸- @smileplease.photography

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Chewing loud drives girlfriend insane 😂Follow @couple for more #couplegoals.
By @hammy_tv
#9gag #couple #relationship

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Kyline Alcantara

Just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better — and, then #OPPOF9 and Netflix with my favorite show, Sherlock, happened. And it's even better 'coz I can watch in full screen! Boom! My favorite combo! ❤️💜

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💫 Vive la vida con quien te de vida 💫

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My 53. Champions League game. I am really blessed.
It was a difficult game, but happy with the 3 points.

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Kanchi Singh


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Karin Barreiro

Divina noche, de hermosa energía y mucha adrenalina. Amar lo que haces no tiene precio 🎤🤗
@furorinnovacion #mylook
@guillemoda #asesor #style #celebrities

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AHH! Australia 🇦🇺😍 One of my favorite places to visit my loves! I’ll be at Level 3 at Crown! Who will I be pouring shots down their throats?! 😂🙌🏻💕@unitedentertainmentandmedialtd @silkmelbourne @imperial.151 @templemelbourne @bamboosaturdays @ilovernbfridays

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Olla Ramlan

Lovely dress by @kimapparel.id .
Managed by @klik_management

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Lola Yuldasheva

Доброе утро мои дорогие💋Сегодня очень важный день. Мы представим вашему вниманию наше творение🙏 В 18:50 на
YouTube канале @rizanovauz ПРЕМЬЕРА!🔥 BIR JAMOA💪 Это стоит посмотреть!🙏 #birjamoa #биржамоа #lolayuldasheva #lola #benom #newsong #newvideo #singer #music #uzbekistan🇺🇿

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Fantastic Tricks! 😍
Follow @make.up.vines
Follow @diy.amazing.diy
Follow @diy.ftw
By: @blossom 👏👏

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Who do I think I am ? 😂 can I know the words first

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The September 19th deals are live for @ultabeauty's #21DaysofBeauty and holy cow there are a TON OF THEM! Especially for skincare! ⬅️ Swipe left for all of the items that are 50% off (discounts appear in your cart) - link in bio to shop! Today's deals include:
1. @maccosmetics In Extra Dimension 3d Black Lash Mascara 50% off ($12, orig. $24)
2. @juicebeauty All Skincare Kits 50% off ($20 - $26, orig. $40 - $52)
3. #OnlineOnly Select Skincare Products from brands including @betterskinco @heyhoney @teamiblends @skinlaundry @mamonde_us and @nyakiobeauty 50% off
Ok... why am I so drawn to those pillowcases? What do you guys think?
#ulta #ultabeauty #beautydeals #beautysteals

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Licensed To Distill

Supercooling amazingness! But I have several questions so that we can add this to a @licensed_to_distill cocktail:
1. How?
2. Who shot this because they deserve credit for whatever is going on here.
3. Can they teach me how to do it?

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Diesel Truck Addicts

I’m so weak 😂 what you guys think???

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ART | 365 Days A Year 🎨

The combination of #yoga and #art!
By @meghancurrieyoga
Follow us [@arts.hub]

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