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Grão de Gente

O Kit Montessoriano Princesa Clássica é um sonho de princesa! 💭 💖 Com rendas de algodão, laços e babadinhos graciosos, suas peças exclusivas trazem tudo que há de divertido no método educativo sem abrir mão da sofisticação e da delicadeza. 🤗 Quer aproveitar o preço de lançamento? Vem pro site, o link tá na bio! #vinagraodegente #quartomontessoriano #enxovaldemenina #quartodemenina #montessoriano #decoraçaobebe url:bit.ly/2NKKGnJ

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My brothers new song 😍 you have the biggest heart Brandon.. #repost @brandonjenner I wrote this song in response to the shootings of October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas and February 14, 2018 in Parkland, FL. More specifically, I was focused on a father I saw in a news interview on the evening of the Parkland shooting who was expressing his frustration over the fact that he could not remember if he had said goodbye to his daughter as she left their home for school on the day she was killed. His words were devastating to me as I could not imagine what it must be like to lose a child in such a horrific manner. While knowing that everyone will interpret the message behind ‘All I Need Is You’ in their own way, it is my hope that this song can provide comfort to someone who is processing some sort of loss in their life. As for the video itself, I’m eternally grateful to @jenrosenstein and @lwwilde for helping to create an honest, pure and meaningful visual representation for this song. They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I couldn’t think more highly of them both. Link to full video in bio. Sending love to everyone. ❤️🙏✌️#musicvideo #AllINeedisYou #brandonjenner #marchforourlives

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🌸Chela's Way🌸

Stepping out 🌸

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Salon Line

Um cabelo desse! <3

#Repost @larivieiraoficial with @get_repost

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Photo by @virinka
Lending a little love and big lick 👅 #WHPkindness

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Comment with the next lyric to this: "Me and Benjamín Franco stay at the banco"
If you need a hint, watch our Powerhouse Women playlist [Link in bio]. Presented by @secretdeodorant.

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@o.u اقوى مقاطع مضحكه

‏ㅤ ‏ㅤ ‏ㅤ ‏ㅤ ‏ㅤ ㅤ ‏
‏اللهم شعور متّزن بلا اندفاع وعطاء بضمير بلا ندم وصبر ليس له حدود ورضا عميق أسيرُ به في هذه الحياة
مافي كومنت استمتعو بالكلمات .
بريحكم فديتكم تعبتكم لباكم
احمل وارقى متابعين ♥️

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"All this for the front seat" 😩😂 #WSHH (via @Marv_jr)

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Ольга Бузова

Простите, что пропала. Сложно. Я здесь. Вы хотите знать правду?

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Getting ready for today for a new piece is coming 🇲🇽 @richardorlinski ©️ elhartista®️
#mexicoedition #limitededition
#greenceramic #wristgame

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Marcelle Christine

Gente !!!
Tô passando pra avisar que às 21h tem vídeo no IGTV que gravei na @galeriataquara.fashion
Foi um rolé super divertido 🛍

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eu não sou um dublê de quem não te quis. [trecho do livro ‘coração-geanada’]

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Mike WiLL Made-It


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Rena ou Papai Noel: qual não pode faltar na sua decoração natalina?

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Follow @Brittanya187 to find how how naughty she is 🤤

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Can we be mermaids everyday 🧜‍♀️ @kirstyscott_mmtu @makeupmobiletoyoustudio

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Los Polinesios


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Ariana Grande


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Bianca Andrade

MINHA FAROFAAAA 🇧🇷♥️🇺🇸 #HalloweenDaBia #BiaFaz24

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Parabéns rapaziada 🇧🇷🙏🏽

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Genevieve Padalecki

Truth: I could be wearing food-stained clothes (thanks, Shep!) and no makeup, but if my hair looks good I still feel like a million bucks. Anyone else?? I’ve made it halfway through my 14 Day Challenge with @Pantene and I’m loving how soft and shiny my hair feels since I started using the Repair & Protect Shampoo. It reminds me that a little self-care can go a long way — and that’s all we need for another #greathairday! #ad #Pantene14DayChallenge

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En Güncel Videolar ve Vineler

Beyler bi daha düşünün 😂😂😂

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باجر متى؟؟؟ الصبح الظهر بالليل.. من اي سنة؟؟؟
.الحساب برعاية عيادة ديما كلينك 👇
‎تفضل بزيارتنا لتحصل على فتح ملف واستشارة مجانا ✨ للتواصل واتساب 65590619-66553051 الخط الساخن 98006501 تلفون: 25632048 - 25611616/262 اوقات الدوام: من 9 صباحا لغاية 9 مساء
‎الخميس: من 9 صباحا لغاية 7 مساء - الجمعه راحة----- @alkhalidclinic
#dentist #الكويت #أسنان #clinic #عيادة_تجميل#عيادة_أسنان#عيادة_تنحيف دهون#beauty#dermatology#laser#botox#filler
#الاكسبلور #الاكسبلور_فولو #لايك
#فولو #تفاعلو #شكد_متعلق_الك_نشر_متفاعلين #متفاعل #تفاعل #تفاعلو#كومنت#كومنتات #لايكات

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Dan Bilzerian

Sister wives at play🚸

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Sebastian Urdiales

Great things coming.♥️ by: @nyusage

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Reg is the coolest pup 🐶 @gemmastyles

Just for info ... I ❤️ cats, I ❤️ dogs, I ❤️ animals ...

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

This is what ‘WET DREAMS’ are made of 💕💕
We are so excited to announce that our #SurpemeFrost shipment has arrived and you all should be seeing tracking updates within the next 48 hours!! 💦💦Photo by: @kristinajonesmua ✨✨
#jeffreestarcosmetics #velourlipliner

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Mine Tugay

“Ölmek, uyumak sadece! Düşünün ki uyumakla yalnız
Bitebilir bütün acıları yüreğin,
Çektiği bütün kahırlar insanoğlunun.
Uyumak, ama düş görebilirsin uykuda, o kötü!
Çünkü o ölüm uykularında,
Sıyrıldığımız zaman yaşamak kaygısından,
Ne düşler görebilir insan, düşünmeli bunu.” #shakespeare 📸: @denizbayannalduz

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Joelma 🎤

Amores, fiquem ligados no Instagram do @carlinhosmaiaof que em breve vai ao ar a minha participação na escolinha!! 😍📚📝 Quem não vai perder por nada?! 👀

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