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From my project TOY STORIES /// Enea, 6. Ollon, Switzerland #lego #legoland #toy #toys #play #playing #game #firenze #italy #switzerland #legos #legotechnic

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Beatboxing together with a special singer MC Curly A.K.A. Sara! #beatbox #beatboxing #mccurly #switzerland #mountain #rap #hiphop #freestylerap

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From the project COUCHSURFING / Sabali - Les Cayes, Haiti - On the roof of her house in Les Cayes, Sabali has built an outdoor cinema, or the closest thing you can find to one in these parts. Every week she invites her neighbors to watch a movie. She sets up her open-air theater on the roof: a few chairs, wicker loveseats, a couple of hammocks and a white sheet to serve as the projection screen. This anecdote may be all that's needed to convey her desire to create a real rapport with this place and its people. Sabali is Italian, born in Livorno, Tuscany to an Italian mother and a Beninese father. "In Italy, I was always the black girl. In Africa, I was white. Here in Haiti, I'm just a 'sister'," she told me. It was work that brought her here. She's an agronomist, specialized in tropical crops, and is heading up a program to relaunch Haiti's coffee industry. The country used to be famous the world over for growing and selling coffee, but production has fallen off in the last thirty years. She took me to see where she spends her days, amidst the groves of coffee trees clinging to the mountain slopes, a crop to which she devotes endless time and patience. She and her partner have explored the most remote corners of Haiti together. They took me on long motorcycle rides through wild landscapes and along muddy, broken roads. More than once I closed my eyes, fervently hoping nothing would happen to us along the way. They enjoy cooking and usually have guests at home, like me. When Sabali rented the house, it was explained to her that there were also guards who would ensure her home was secure day and night. It seems that, in Haiti, this is more of a necessity than a nicety. It was news to me and I found it a little shocking. My hosts explained that, in order to adapt to a local culture, foreigners sometimes have to behave how the locals expect them to, and that includes having guards. Later, however, I noticed that their guards were unarmed and that their biggest task, it seemed, was to maintain backyard security, watching over chickens, goats, sheep, a horse and a cow. This was a great couchsurfing experience! @couchsurfing #haiti
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From my project TOY STORIES /// Virginia, 4. American Fork, Utah. USA #toystories #utah #usa #toy #toys #baseball #kid #kids #child #children #play #playing #games

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From my project FATHERS - Austin, Texas - Timothy Klatt (32), with his children Ogden (6), Amity (4) and Lillian (5 months) - Timothy was born and raised in Austin, Texas. He studied mechanics and, after university, he worked for the Air Force for 4 years. “I loved that job. Every day I was busy, finding solutions for a lot of interesting problems! But, after four years, I felt like I needed to do something different.” He decided to change his life and so, recently, he opened a brewery. “Beer is my great passion. I love the chemistry behind beer. That’s why I decided to start making it. I studied a lot for this and I also did a lot of experimenting, and now I’m really happy with the beers I produce. They are really good.”Timothy enjoys bringing his children to the brewery to play. He also teaches his children the beer recipes and he likes that they are learning how to make them. “Sometimes they help me with the work and I love that.” #father #fathers #dad #child #children #family #austin #texas #beer #brewery #airforce @strangelandbrewery

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PLANET OR PLASTIC? @natgeo /// Sardinia, Italy - This morning I went for a walk on the beach at sunrise. It was fantastic, I was the only human there. More than two miles of beach all for myself. But after a couple of minutes something began to disturb me... so much plastic! I decided to set the alarm on my phone for 15 and then 30 minutes. For the first 15 minutes I picked up shells, for the second 15 minutes, I picked up plastic. This is the result! #planetorplastic #plastic #planet #sardinia #italy #beach #waste

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Miraji, 56 years old – Bububu, Zanzibar - Miraji was born and grew up in Zanzibar and she has never left the island. She lives in the northern suburb of the capital city, Stone Town, in a small house that she shares with her husband and two of her three daughters. She has only one grandchild, the son of her first-born daughter. Every day after school he spends some time with her, helping her with the dinner for the family /// Wali, mchuzina mbogamboga (rice, fish and vegetables in green mango sauce) -

Difficulty: medium - Time: about 1 hour- Ingredients for 4 people: - one barracuda of 1,5kg ( or another kind of fish), 4 green mangoes, 4 tomatoes, 2 aubergines, 1 red chilli, ginger and two bunches of spinach. Seed oil, salt, pepper, curry and masala. A dish of rice /// The barracuda is one of the most popular catches in Zanzibar, but it is not fundamental for this recipe, you might want to use any other kind of fish. Let’s see how to prepare it:

First of all, scale the fish and cut it in chunks of about 10 cm length. With a knife, make some cuts on the side of the fish and salt them inside. Chop a piece of ginger and put it inside and outside the fish.

Heat two spoons of oil in a pan and fry the fish for 10 minutes on each side. Drain it from the oil.

If you have the rice cooking machine, you can use it, otherwise boil the rice in some water.

Wash two bunches of spinach and cut them in stripes. Boil everything in some water for ten minutes and drain. Wash the tomatoes, aubergines and green mangoes and dice them. Heat two spoons of oil in a pan and when it is hot enough add, first, the tomatoes and, 5 minutes later, the aubergines. At this point, add a teaspoon of curry, one of masala and two pinches of salt. Let it cook for 5 more minutes and then add the mangoes. Wait for 5 more minutes and add the boiled spinach. Stir the mixture and pour a glass of water. When the water starts to boil, let it cook for other 10 minutes.

Now, the dish is ready to be served on a large plate, keeping fish, rice and vegetable sauce separate. Enjoy your meal! #zanzibar #food #recipes #grandma #cooking

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To whom it may concern 😉#watchituntiltheend

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From my project FIRST JOB - One’s first job is rarely forgotten. It is the beginning of adulthood, a rite of passage and a turning point. For numerous workers, only 30 years ago, the first job was often the only one, as people could remained in the same company for a lifetime, just being gradually promoted or slightly changing ones positions with seniority. In today’s scenario all is temporary, as the dream of a life position has forever vanished. Usually the first job is the first of a long list that will follow. In the wake of the worst economic crises in modern history, where for many young adults there seemed to be actually no possibility for a first job at all, I explore the world of employment of today’s youth. This is a project that will be carried out in all the 5 continents where the global theme does not obscure, but actually heightens the local specificities. Each one of the subjects whose portrait has been taken has an individual story that feeds into a larger narrative on how the world we live in is changing. From China to France, from Brazil to the U.S. we get a personal introduction to tomorrow’s workforce /// Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica – Maria , 20 - Maria was born and raised in Alajuela, where she studied biology for one year at university. That one year was all she needed to realize that she didn't want to be a biologist, because she wanted to work with the animals instead, a job she knew she’d love. That was why she decided to move to Puerto Viejo, where there is a sort of animal hospital, where she applied for a job. After 6 months as a volunteer, she was given a contract. In those 6 months she specialized in “parrot and monkey rescue.” “I love to work here. It is a magical place. Every day many people come here and bring us injured animals that they’ve found on the street. We rescue them, and when they are ready, we set them free in the forest.” She works 5 days a week for about 8 hours a day. She makes USD 150 per week, but she gets a lot of tips from tourists who go there to visit. What’s more, she’s given meals and is able to live in a house on the hospital property. #firstjob #work #costarica #monkeys

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From my project FATHERS /// San Francisco, California - Francisco (51), Jonathan (48) and Tallulah (5).Nearly 6 years ago, Jonathan adopted Tallulah together with his first husband, who, unfortunately, died a few months later. A year later he met Francisco, who is now part of the family. Two months ago, Francisco signed the adoption papers to become Tallulah's second parent. Jonathan is a children’s neurologist, but Francisco is retired, so he stays at home to cook and take care of the house. Francisco and Tallulah often cook together. “She loves to help me in the kitchen,” Francisco tells me. “We usually bake cakes together and sometimes we also like to make a wonderful dinner for Jonathan. He’s really happy when he comes back from work and finds the table covered with good food prepared by Tallulah and me.” #father #fathers #family #families #child #cooking #couple #dad #dads #sanfrancisco #california

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From my project TOY STORIES /// Farida, 4 - Cairo, Egypt /// Take a moment and think back to your childhood. The era in your life when the only thing you knew about a bill was that it was a bird’s equivalent of lips and your day job was to construct fantastical worlds with your favorite toys. In my series ‘Toy Stories’, I explore the connection between children and their toys and I try to give an insight into their tiny worlds and takes you on a trip down memory lane.
‘Toy Stories’ is the result of an 24 month round the world trip where I visited a variety of countries and cultures and took photographs of children and their toys. I would often take part in a child’s games prior to arranging the toys for the photograph.
Despite some differences, I found similarities between children living worlds apart. Even in different countries, some children’s toys played the same function, or example protecting them from dangers and things they feared in the night. - Toys haven’t changed all that much since I was a kid. I’d often find the kind of toys I used to have, it was nice to go back to my childhood somehow. #toystories #toys #play #kids #child #children #toy #kid #egypt #cairo

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On assignment for @natgeo together with @paolowoods /// In one of the stairways of the Musée Picasso in Paris Jeanne, a young French woman of 17, is admiring the setting of the 1932 painting “Femme dans un fauteuil jaune” while wearing the Breton striped sailor’s shirt rendered immortal by Picasso. The Musée Picasso in Paris is one of eight existing museums entirely devoted to the Spanish master and the one with the largest collection and archives. It was created with the “dation Picasso”, where the heirs of Picasso could pay the French inheritance tax trough works of art instead then money. Picasso affirmed "I am the greatest collector of Picassos in the world." He had amassed an enormous collection of his own work by the time of his death in 1973, ranging from paintings to sculptures and ceramics. The Musée Picasso has more then 5,000 works by Picasso complemented by Picasso's own personal art collection including Cézanne, Degas, Rousseau, Seurat, de Chirico, Matisse and African art. #picasso #museepicasso #art #cubism #paris #museum

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