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Today marks 4 years since I first posted on IG. It’s been crazy, a lot of ups and downs. Recently, it’s been a lot of downs. But I’ve put so much into this account and my content, and I’m so happy to have such a sweet group of friends (that’s you!).. i’ve thought a lot about giving up, but I have so many ideas for this year and I’m hoping for some big things to happen so I can continue doing this after I graduate college❤️
Thank you all for your love and support, I love you more than you know!
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Neon Heart 💗
Sorry I’m so late! I have a valentines giveaway I’ll be posting soon my loves, be ready!🥰
💗 @meltcosmetics radioactive and dark matter eyeshadows
💗 @suvabeauty hydra liners
💗 @anastasiabeverlyhills “dream” glow kit and dark brown dipbrow!
💗 @lillylashes “NYC” (CODE: GIULS😋)
🎵 OMFG- I Love You
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Forever in my Heart❤️
In honor of one of my best friends, who recently passed away unexpectedly. I love and miss her. I’ve be offline dealing with my grief, but I’m feeling ready to come back and share everything I’ve been working on with you all. love you babies🥰
❣️ @glamlite pizza palette shades: ham, pepperoni (Code: Giuls)
❣️ @nyxcosmetics epic ink eyeliner, check that precision
❣️ @lillylashes “Ela” (CODE: GIULS)
❣️ @tartecosmetics firedancer chrome pot
❣️ @meltcosmetics liquid lipsticks to paint the heart
❣️ @sigmabeauty mascara and eyeliner pencil (CODE: GIULS)
🎵 Defqwop- Heart Afire
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LOVING blue eyeshadow recently, what’s your current fav eyeshadow color? 🌈
Can’t wait for you all to see what I have coming for February😅
💦 @lillylashes Mykonos (code: GIULS💕)
💦 @sugarpill poison plum & kim chi
💦 @coverfx “halo” shimmer veil
💦 @limecrimemakeup “confetti” diamond dew
💦 @anastasiabeverlyhills dark brown dipbrow and tinted brow gel
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Been a long time since I had some fun with liner 🖌🌈 can’t wait to show you lovies everything I’ve been working on!🥰
🎨 @morphebrushes James Charles palette
🍋 @doseofcolors lemon drop eyedeal duo
💦 @ofracosmetics “stairway to heaven” liner
👁 @lillylashes “NYC” code: GIULS ✨
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Earth tonez🌍
Check last post for tut 💁🏻‍♀️
🦄 @limecrimemakeup VenusXL2 palette! Shades used: in bloom, classical, west, eve, obscure, miracle
🦄 @limecrimemakeup brownie bushy brow liner and clear strong hold gel
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Earth tones🌍
🦄 @limecrimemakeup VenusXL2 palette! Shades in order: in bloom, classic, west, eve, obscure, radiant 🦄 @limecrimemakeup “brownie” bushy brow liner and clear strong hold gel
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When bae asks what I got him for Christmas🎁🤭
❤️Inspo: @mcdrew
❄️ @makeupforeverofficial flash palette
❄️ @suvabeauty white hydra liner, green & red eyeshadows
❄️ @meltcosmetics smoke sessions palette
❄️ @anastasiabeverlyhills dark brown dipbrow & neutral eyeshadows for shading
❄️ @lunatickcosmeticlabs contour book v2 for shading
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💗 @glamlite pizza palette
💗 @doseofcolors “Dolly” lipgloss & “Frozen” eyedeal duo
💗 @anastasiabeverlyhills dream glow kit & dark brown dipbrow
💗 @limecrimemakeup “confetti” diamond dew (glitter on lids)
💗 @pretty_vulgar Gel liner
💗 top is actually a dress from @prettylittlething
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✨❤️Deck the Halls❤️✨
🌲 @milanicosmetics ”gold leaf” liquid shadow
🌲 @maccosmetics dazzleshadow “not afraid to sparkle”
🌲 @suvabeauty hydra liners (red, green, white, black) and green eyeshadow
🌲 @anastasiabeverlyhills subculture palette & dark brown dipbrow
🌲 @bperfectcosmetics @staceymariemua carnival palette
🌲 @doseofcolors “frozen” eyedeal duo
🌲 @lillylashes “ela” code: GIULS
❤️For today’s giveaway I chose someone to send a lil box to, some of the giveaways this month you will enter but some are just nice little boxes for those that I notice always give me so much love❤️ •••
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❄️❤️Red liner❤️❄️
Quick throwback while I suffer thru finals🤯 GOOD NEWS! I’m doing 10+ giveaways starting tomorrow🎁 keep an eye out 👁
💜 @lillylashes (CODE: GIULS) "NYC"
❤️ @nyxcosmetics ultimate electric palette
💗 @suvabeauty hookah eyeshadow & blending brushes
💜 @coverfx Aurora glitter drops
❤️ @doseofcolors “hit the road" cream eye color & liner brush
💗 @sigmabeauty (CODE:GIULS) e04, mini fan brush
💜 @brushcraftbyartis oval 3 brush used to clean up blending
🎶 Jim Yosef- Imagine
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❄️💜Snow Angels💜❄️
PLS read bottom of caption for a lil update!💕
❄️ @lillylashes NYC (CODE: GIULS)
❄️ @doseofcolors snow angels palette
❄️ @milanicosmetics eye topper “star light”
❄️ @dior matte purple on stage liquid eyeliner
❄️ @peachesmakeup pixie pigment
❄️ @limecrimemakeup ”filter” eyeshadow from Venus II palette
❤️ I’ve been very absent this past year. Mostly due to mental illness & emotional struggles, as well issues with my skin. And I’m sorry, because this is important to me. Being able to share my art is EVERYTHING to me. It is not “just” my hobby, this is my job as well. It’s just the aspect of comparing myself to others that overwhelmed me, also the fear that my work was not good enough, that I’m not pretty enough, mean comments, not enough likes, etc. I’ve been working SO hard to overcome this, and I’ve made changes.. and now I am excited (and scared) to start posting again. I’ve made close friends with a few of my followers, I’d love to get to know as many of you as I can! Always feel free to leave me a comment and tell me about yourself! I’m preparing a few giveaways for the holidays.. some will allow entries and others will be sent to people I always see supporting me and my work. Thank you to those that have been here for me, I have so many plans!
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