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Welcome to the #GoProSurf team, #GoProAthlete @nathan_florence. 👊⚡

Learn more about our newest athlete on the Inside Line. Link in bio.

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Photo of the Day: Recharging in the sun with @federico_impellizzeri + #GoProHERO7 Black. ☀️

#ProTip Tuesday: Did you know that the 3-Way Mount has a built-in Tripod? If you find a landscape like this, but don't have a friend around to snap the photo, you can use the Tripod mount to set your #GoPro in the perfect spot. Once positioned, trigger .5s Time Lapse Photo Mode for a hands-free self capture. Not sure if you're standing in the right spot? Connect your phone to the #GoProApp for a live preview from your GoPro. 📷 Hit the link in our bio to learn more about the 3-Way Mount.

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We asked, you delivered. ❄️ @marti_pj snagged $500 for submitting this #GoProFusion shot to the #GoProSnow challenge at

Tune in this Friday for another opportunity to earn cash for your snow content. Will you be awarded next?

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Good conditions? ✔ Great camera? ✔ Join #GoProAthlete @marshall__miller in the clouds + up your #GoProFusion footage with access to the new Fusion 2.0 public beta program. Tap the link in our bio to let your cinematic creativity fly.

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Photo of the Day: @girl_lovinglife gave 'peaceful perch' new meaning, sitting above a 300m drop with #GoProHERO7 Black in France.

How did you test your limits this weekend? Submit your self-capture shots to us at

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Photo of the Day: @marcoberettz welcomed the wonders of nature with open arms + #GoProHERO7 Black in the Faroe Islands.

What views did your weekend bring? Share your #SoloTravel with us by submitting your raw photos to

#GoProTravel #GoPro #WeekendWarrior #Neature #LandscapePhotography #FaroeIslands


#GoPro Featured Videographer @marcus_ahlstrom 🎿👇

Clip 1 - When filming, it’s important to base your settings on intent. I wanted to post this clip of @alexanderryden_film vertically, so I set my GoPro to 4K 4:3 at 25fps. Beyond rotating the GoPro, a 4:3 aspect ratio is the closest you can get to IG’s 4:5 vertical format. The scene had bright highlights + dark shadows, so I enabled ProTune + Flat color. That tells the camera to retain as much detail + color data as possible. To control noise in the shadows, I set the max ISO to 200. I started with the GoPro low, capturing reflections in the ice, then lifted it up to reveal the sunset. Halfway through, I dropped speed + turned towards Alex, crossing his trajectory to keep the clip dynamic.

Clip 2 - #GoProAthlete @jespertjader is not only a fantastic skier, but he’s an inspiring creator. He introduced me to #GoProFusion + #OverCapture. There were two challenges for this shot. We had to perfectly sync our speed. If the camera wasn’t in the right spot, the illusion of flipping with Jesper wouldn’t work. We also had to jump together. I wanted him to fill the frame, but we had to avoid colliding. Once we nailed it, I put the footage in Fusion Studio + stitched with full stabilization. Using GoPro’s Adobe plugins, you can do anything with the footage. That’s where the magic happens! To match the rotation of Jesper’s flip, I keyframed the roll axis. I then fine-tuned the keyframes for Pan, Tilt and FOV to lock him in the center of the frame + it was done!

Clip 3 - While filming a documentary with @jacobwester, We found a run with a nice backdrop. I wanted a follow-cam to compliment the POV + drone shots that had already been captured. So, I set the GoPro to 2.7K 4.3 at 50fps. I recommend 4:3 modes for follow-cams. A taller image minimizes the risk of your rider going out of frame.

Clip 4 - I’m a sucker for #SlowMo + opt for high frame rates when filming action. On this day, I ran into @carlregner sessioning a jump, so I set my GoPro to 2.7K 4:3 at 50fps. The extra frames allow you to showcase the tiny details. Just be cautious to not overdo it. Balancing slow-motion with fast-action is key for action-sport edits.


Photo of the Day: @manueck shot for the stars + captured them all in Austria using Night Lapse Photo Mode + a 30s shutter. 💫

What are your go-to #NightLapse photo settings?

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Grab your GoPro + get to the snow this weekend for the opportunity to earn 💰. Put our tips to the test + submit your best content to Every week, we'll award $500 for the best photos + $1,000 for the best videos. This is the #GoProSnow Challenge. Are you ready? 👇 📷: @mitjakodric

ProTip: Want to freeze a moment on the slopes? Set your GoPro to Burst Photo Mode + choose an interval that matches the speed of your action. 30/3s will capture 10 photos per second, for 3-seconds. Not flying through the air or laying down a huge turn? Try something more mellow, like 10/3s.

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Photo of the Day: Testing angles in Santa Monica with #GoProAthlete @leticiabufoni + #GoProFamily member @drpurpleteeth.

ProTip: When mounting your #GoPro to a pole for video capture, let it hang upside-down. The camera's orientation will auto-rotate and its weight will help smooth out shakes to keep your footage stable.

#GoProSkate #SantaMonica #California #Skateboarding


Photo of the Day: No photo breaks needed for @albeross_ to capture his hike views. Taken on-the-go in Time Lapse Photo Mode.

Celebrate 15 million followers with us. Head to our last post for your opportunity to receive an all-new #GoProHERO7. Only a few hours left. 🤙

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15 million followers. 15 giveaways. 15 hours. Let’s celebrate. 👊 Tag a friend below + make sure you’re both following @gopro. We’ll choose a lucky comment each hour + hook you both up with a new #GoProHERO7. Thank you, #GoProFamily. 🤙

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