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I LOVE TRAINING BICEP!!!! the problem is genetically i have relatively small wrists jd sometimes when i want to lift heavy with this EZ bar i cant 😭 so i actually prefer dumbell karena posisi wrist aku gak akan tense karena beban yg berat. Always have your elbows tucked in to your rib cage and make sure you dont cheat the curl by swinging your body too much. Nahh.. Kalau untuk least favorite muscle group yang aku train adalah tricep. I suuuck at this! Whats your favorite and least favorite muscle group to train?
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@yourganic Cold Brew Green Tea in the morning. Did you know that green tea contains caffeine which help to boost your energy level. 🍃
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I tell her everyday that she is a superstar. Because i want her to believe that she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up. Happy Birthday Addy 💕 #birthday #girl #cake #galaxy #planet #kidsparty


So this is me at the gym! u can see i am wearing active wear but iam here not training only to train people 🤪 the truth is i havent been training for this past week and been totally eating crazy and drinking 🍾 i know to some people pasti ada aja deh yg bilang ih kok gitu sih gak kasih example yang bagus. The truth is: selama prep gw bener2 strict banget! dan gw udah nabung muscle mass selama 6 bulan terus untuk bisa punya badan kaya gini jadi biarpun gw makan apa aja ya paling maximal segini aja. Udah gitu banyak juga yg bilang gw lebih suka badan lo begini lebih berisi, ada jg yg blg lbh suka gw kering dan stage ready. Apapun opini kamu aku terima kasih atas complimentnya tapi sejujurnya i have learnt to love my body in whatever condition it is. I love both!! Kalau kamu udah latihan bertahun-tahun dan gak melihat adanya progress berarti ada yg salah. Let me help you reach your fitness goals!! Please follow and click on my profile!
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Look into my eyes. What do you see?
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Cardio done and dusted! 4 more weeks to go. and then im off for holiday season 🎄
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The moment when you realize how perfect your life is when you appreciate what you get and stop pushing for what you want. What comes is what is meant for you. And it is amazing. Everyday is a blessing i am not complaining. 🙏🏼❤️
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Every pool day is a good day
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My forever ride or die! We are just being US travelling back in time
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jarang post selfie. its about time!



parental advisory advice because joe was swearing so much! gw masih jaim karena ini bukan home gym gw 🤪
Sebelum dimulai mau cerita sedikit dulu tentang apa yang lagi terjadi sekarang. Tahun 2018 merupakan momen paling bersejarah dalam hidup gw bukan hanya karena hasil yang gw dapat tapi bener-bener gw ngerasain gimana arti kata pengorbanan dan kerja keras dan juga makna sabar on to the next level.

Did you know sampe bulan kesepuluh ini i spent six months prepping for my last two shows. i put bodybuilding into my first priority and everything comes after. Doing the same thing over and over again? bisa bayangin gak gimana rasanya i was getting bored of the same routine, getting lethargic, sampe 2 scoops of pre workout does not even tickle anymore.
So i finally got what i needed all this time. A push from a mentor who specialize in girls bodybuilding! FINALLY! i was so stoker and scared at the same time when i asked @klown_lyfe "how many reps/sets are we doing?" he said "untill failure with little to no rest" then im like "oh no what did i get myself into" Long story short yesterday after a some time i felt like this is how my training should feel like. I couldnt thank you guys enough @klown_lyfe and @atshakitchen for coming all the way down here being stuck in 6 hours traffic just to train me just because you believe in me and i did give my all to prove to you that im worthy and i will not let you down!
am i the only person who likes being shout at for motivation??? #roadtoifbbpro