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On the first attempt he gets smoked. On the second one he gets vaporized. @gunnstruction
Vid from @kickturnbail


When your board gets kidnapped by the coping it’s because the invisible Slam Demons require a human sacrifice. 👹🔥 @heshgnar27 lost his spleen on this one.
Art by @barfcomics
Vid from @delinquentskateboards


@tygar gets splattered like a bug on a windshield. Unlike a dead grasshopper though, he rises again for the make. 🦗🙌
Vid from @halston.smith @se15sk8


Leave those glasses alone! 👓 Maybe we should start a GoFundMe for @kenneth.rymel to get Lasik eye surgery? Or at least get him a long rubber band?


⚠️WARNING Graphic Content⚠️
First off, this skater survives! 🙌😇 @gonzhg suffered only broken ribs and a cut above his eye. He walked out of the hospital in Peru after one night. For real, without a proper spotter system you can and will die. Your life will end, the innocent driver will be devastated, and your homies will be haunted with guilt. Maybe this video and his sacrifice will help save a life. 👀 #yougottaknowyospotta
Vid from @franklin.cano


(Dick moves + giggling) = (Dick moves + infinity). Hope these kids apologized.
Vid from @yeahsktstore


Skating is tough but @muddyandrew is even tougher. In this classic clip, he breaks his wrist and pops his shoulder out of socket. Then he stomps a switch 360 flip. 🙌 🇳🇿 Vid from @xlarge_shanelin @muckmouth


His thigh was stabbed and his pants got impaled, and yet @ryantownley swerves gender reassignment.
Vid from @trevorowenz


We’re not doctors, but don’t these two head bonks cancel each other out? 🤔 @dylantreflips


“Before speaking shit in the comments, ask thyself: if a botched fly-out does not warrant tears, then what does?”—Shakespeare 🤔 @luke__sk8r
Vid from @alienskateclips


Gutted! @nick.ogilvie enters the hunger games with this belly full of rail.


@coreyduffel has had more comebacks than Rocky and more resurrections than any zombie flick. He’s sacrificed life, limb and sanity to skating and he keeps coming back for more. The rough cut from his latest part “Homeboy” is live now on the Thrasher site. Link in bio