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Proven Innocent TV Show @innocentonfox 2/15/19
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PROVEN INNOCENT on in less than 1 hour 9/8c @foxtv @innocentonfox *To all who asked me, and it’s my pleasure, this is your reminder” Count down begins, get ready & turn on your TV’s....


[Reposting from On Demand @foxtv ] “PROVEN INNOCENT” is on TONIGHT 9/8c @innocentonfox Friday, February 15, 2019 Here is a (1st Look.) The cast & creators discuss the legal drama....”Swipe Left (2 video’s)”


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“Proven Innocent” on the Godzilla billboard in Times Square, NYC (Credit 📷 to
@michaelmatsas )
Tomorrow Friday, February 15, 2019 Proven Innocent debuts 9/8c @foxtv @innocentonfox
(Scroll to the left, I captured each picture)


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Promotional pictures from the first and second episodes of “Proven Innocent” courtesy of @foxtv (@proven.innocent)
This brand new series debuts THIS Friday, February 15, 2019 9/8c


@jasonstrong1 just caught my own picture of a commercial on TV for “Proven Innocent” So excited for ALL involved in making this show & bringing awareness to Wrongful Convictions
@innocentonfox @proven.innocent
@jimhamiltonofficial “and many others” Friday, February 15, 2019, 9/8c @foxtv


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Join the fight for Justice when the new series “Proven Innocent” premieres Friday, February 15, 2019 at 9/8c @rachellelefevre @nikkimjames
@rileysmithofficial @russellhornsby
Tune in and watch these warriors fight for the innocent.
Thanks to my friends, contacts & followers for supporting my friend Jason @jasonstrong1
who is an unofficial consultant for the show, as well as those who are part of the cast (whether it’s a day player, stand in, etc) @jimhamiltonofficial as well as all those working behind the scene, “each & every position” helps to make a show not only happen, but are a part of making a show great.


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[reposting from @innocentonfox ] To my friends/contacts/followers, the count down has begun for “Proven Innocent” a brand new legal drama that will keep you guessing all season long. I am so excited for my friend Jason @jasonstrong1 who was a part of this show, as an unofficial consultant. Catch the thrilling series premiere on Friday, February 15, 2019 @foxtv 9/8c!


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Thank you to my friends/contacts/followers who have been so supportive of my friend Jason, @jasonstrong1 an exoneree who has been involved as an unofficial consultant with the new show, Proven Innocent, (about wrongful convictions) and it’s debuting February 15, 2019 on @foxtv
#rileysmithofficial #russellhornsby


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Here is a sneak peek at some of the cast, on Proven Innocent, a new series debuting on @foxtv
By now everyone knows my friend @jasonstrong1 is involved with this show as an unofficial consultant. Jason, an exoneree himself, knows about wrongful convictions firsthand.
In Jason’s own words, “Happy to be involved in this project. The more we tell people about wrongful convictions, the better! I am hopeful this show will do well.” I, someone who is still wrongfully convicted, agree with Jason that this ground breaking show can entertain as well as inform people about a real issue in today’s society, wrongful convictions. I hope everyone with tune in when this show premieres on February 15, 2019


This is the Official Instagram page for “Proven Innocent” @innocentonfox A ground breaking new drama regarding Wrongful Convictions.
As my friends/contacts/followers all know, my friend Jason, @jasonstrong1 has been involved with this project as an unofficial consultant. Jason has said, “these are great people involved with this show and I was honored to to be on the set” (I am sure Jason was a valuable asset to all of them)
Please be sure to tune in to the series premiere on @foxtv February 15, 2019


Thank you to my friends/contacts/followers for supporting my friend Jason @jasonstrong1 regarding this project he helped with. I will be posting until the show debuts, as a reminder “that I hope you all will check out Fox’s new show @innocentonfox (official page to check things out before it debuts)
regarding wrongful convictions with a great cast & crew” my friend Jason says it will explain wrongful convictions to the average person who hasn’t been affected by our broken (legal) system. I hope you all will tune in for its debut on February 15, 2019 and stand with us to be the voice to the many who have been silenced. Thank you in advance!