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Double tap if you think "sensitive" content control has gotten OUT of control! 🙄 What do you think?
Looks like yet another post of ours from yesterday was marked sensitive - after less than one hour! 🤣
Apparently the video of @paivabaracat filleting a nice Yellowfin "contains sensitive content which some people may find offensive or disturbing" 🤔

The interesting thing here is the video cover photo did not show anything graphic - the knife was being held away from the fish, and there wasn't any cut marks yet.
So clearly this cover photo showed an accurate preview of what was going to happen, thus giving any non-following Vegans the choice to not press play..... so there shouldn't have been any reason to mark the post "sensitive" ? 😑

Comment your thoughts below!
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Dinnertime! 🐟 How good are your fillet skills? 🔪 🔪 Tag a friend! Check out @paivabaracat making it look easy on this Yellowfin! 🔥


Tag a buddy who could handle some Marlin action like this! 🎣 🌊

Video by @willkozma


Tag a buddy who'd love some Tuna action like this! 🎣 🎣
@team_bonnici makin' it look easy! 😭
This morning off Sydney got 3 lures out boom boom boom then played with them for a while.
@pacemaker_custom_lures your lure was last seen here. Back in the harbour by 8.30.
@shimano.fish @simradyachting @bkkaus @black_pete_marine @tj_angus @fishingstationaustralia


Caption this and tag a friend! Sailing into the weekend like.... 🎣

Video by Troy Fuller via @careychenart


It's BIG TUNA Tuesday, tag a friend who'd love some action like this! 🎣 💪 How much do you think this beast weighs?


Check out that throw! Tag a buddy who needs to step up their net game! 💪 🔥


Feeding time! 🦈 😳 Would you feed this Great White?! Tag a friend! The power of these Sharks is unbelievable 🔥

Via @fathomlesslife


Marlin comin' in hot and almost taking out the angler! 😱 😳 Things can get hairy in a fraction of a second! 🎣

Video by @bluemarlinfishing


Need some bait?! 🐟 🐟 😁 Tag a friend who needs to see this! 🤙

Throwback Thursday: Sardine run has started, the tuna are going crazy and the inshore bite is explosive!

Video by @krimmenelis
Via @tropicstarlodge


Who needs a gaff anyways?! 🎣 Tag a friend! 🤙

Video by @_colecos_ @brian_thunderbirdsportfishing


Tag a buddy who'd love some Marlin action like this! 🎣 🤙 Nice one caught & released aboard @pollyannasportfishing in Panama!

Via @tropicstarlodge @yoniepstein1