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Wow, adopts I said I'd make the next day but didn't 👌 This time they're monsters.
1. Satyr: TAKEN
2. Merperson: TAKEN
3. Zombie: TAKEN
4. Monster Mouth: TAKEN
5. Cyclops: TAKEN
6. Demon: TAKEN
I can send you a pic of just your character!
What kind of adopt do y'all want to see next?


Old drawing where I attempted to make a fusion of my character Savannah and my friends character Barry (both pictured on 2nd slide). @notsouni made the line art on the 2nd slide 👌


I don't want to spam y'all but I thought it might be fun to do a #drawthisinyourstyle ?
All entries would get featured on my story and into highlights?
Use the tag #redrawvalentin
& tag/@ me! .
*•1st prize:1-2 customs & w/e you want.
*•2nd prize: 1 custom and chibi full-body.
*•3rd prize: headshot and chibi full-body.
Anyone who joins can get a chibi drawing if they want.


Watercolor of Valentin. I'm still practicing with watercolor and trying to improve. Aside from anatomy problems, any suggestions/critique?
Also the sketches/progress are at the end.


I used y'alls suggestions from my story like a week ago, so here's the designs.
If you want one, comment it's "first come first serve", if not what kind do you want to see next?
1.) Demon:TAKEN
2.) Octo: TAKEN
3.) Dragon Person: TAKEN
4.) Angel: TAKEN
5.) Magic User: TAKEN
6.) Werewolf:TAKEN


Wow, head doodles. Valentin might get her own story and Blair might go with her, but idk yet. Do any of y'all got any questions about them/their story?
What did you guys have for dinner?


Wow, took forever to make the sketch and it still doesn't look right. Bannon(blue) belongs to @notsouni , Dante(pink) and Aphrodite(purple) are mine. I don't have an exact height for Bannon but Dante is 5'2 and Aphrodite is 7'0. 👌


Tried something a little different. Art trade with @buzybeespeaks ! : )


Bucket is now 1 year old! Slides of him with hat, cake, candle, and vid of him popping his balloon 👏 He was very excited because he loves attention!
He's a lot better even though he still has problems.
How do you celebrate your/your pets birthdays? .
We did a little "party" for the girls on P's 1st so you know we had to do it to 'em *also I'm working on an art trade, so no art yet : )*


Hey, finally got to our "IG Character Creation Thing"!
*Also you guys chose short, so they're 5'4.*
Majority of the species suggestions were for aliens. I added tentacle hair as an ode to the octoling/inkling suggestion, but I'll probably turn all of your suggestions into characters/adopts.
*also those shoes are disgusting but I'd love a pair : )*


Some sketches, y'all 👌