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Officially off the clock and yes the propeller hats are real. Week one down.


#artistatwork Loving our new public library! Wonder Woman obtained her first library card! #bigthings #publiclibrary


After we got over the mountain pass #paradoxvalley


#tinyhouse in #california the last @airbnb on our cross country drive of 11 states and 9 #airbnb

We took the backroads, got lost on a mountain pass, went down a rabbit hole and fell in love with the #heartland
This journey with my daughter and dog to start a new gig with @google have so profoundly reminded me that we have incredible agency and power over the reality we create. It may not look exactly like you thought, but intention and action will get you there nonetheless.
Looking forward to this next level and so grateful for all of the lessons that brought us here, the painful ones as much as the joyous.

Have a blessed New Year.


3,500 miles down and 500 to go.






I have fallen in love with our country all over again on this journey.


Absolutely worth a trip to Santa Fe to visit this place if for nothing else.
@meow__wolf #santafe




Backroad from Amarillo to Santa Fe. None of the Mesa pictures came out, but it was gorgeous. #scenicbyway