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We've been living out of our suitcases for the last 6 weeks and we've accumulated next to nothing because of it (minus a solid coffee grinder and wetsuits. Priorities, ya know?) We finally move into our home tomorrow and here comes the real test in minimalist and intentional living. We're walking into a completely empty space and I know the temptation to fill it up with all the things will be high. How do I know? I started a Pinterest board titled "Australia Home" and pinned 50+ inspiration photosbefore we even arrived. ⁣

Consumerism has been on my mind since we went through the process of going through - literally - everything we owned and reckoning with the truth of my personal consumption. I'm determined not to have a repeat scenario whenever our next move occurs. ⁣

@theminimalists suggests asking a few questions before spending money and I wanted to highlight a few that I'm sure I'll be asking in the next few days. ⁣
- Will this add value to my life? (does what I want serve a purpose or bring me joy?) ⁣
- Is this the best use of this money? (aka that pillow with an alpaca on it is really cute but could my dollars go towards investing in my business or taking a class?) ⁣
- What's the actual cost? (how does this purchase impact the environment or the person who made it?)⁣

We all start somewhere, but the most important thing is that we START. Do you have intentional living tips? Drop the knowledge 👇🏼 #intentionalliving #buylessbuybetter


In attempt to sharpen my creative eye, I’ve been trying to take one intentional photo everyday. Until recently, my inner perfectionist insisted that it had to be on my DSLR, which only lasted about a week. (I love my camera but it’s heavy AF to lug around.) So I threw out that guideline. I’ll always be pushing to improve my skills, but I see photography as a way to preserve moments, both ordinary and grand. This moment was the former - a blazing hot day in Melbourne where we walked around gardens and explored our new city. We rested underneath swaying palm trees with nowhere to be until thirst led us to the floating bar on the Yarra River. I look at this picture, a selfie taken on a phone, and remember that so much beauty is wrapped up in the “ordinary”. #celebratesimple #ordinaryextraordinary


move mindfully.⁣
pay attention.⁣
revere the details. #betheexplorers


I love the mystery of the ocean- ⁣⁣⁣
how she keeps me guessing. ⁣⁣⁣
No two days or waves the same⁣⁣⁣
but I find a steady rhythm in her tides. ⁣⁣⁣
When I've gone too long without visiting⁣⁣⁣
she calls me from the shore⁣⁣
and waits while I find and match her cadence. #keepmebythesea


New Year’s Eve doesn’t look much different than any other day of the year for me. I’m a-ok with it.⁣⁣⁣
No resolutions (but a few strong intentions), pajamas and a few glasses of Prosecco + a bed time well before midnight is how this gal is ringing in a new year. ⁣⁣ ⁣
Hope everyone is celebrating in a way that feels good and nourishing. I can’t wait to see what all of you creative and thoughtful humans do in 2019. ✨ #sunsoutbunsout


hop, skip & a jump away. #archive2018


Our first holiday down under - starkly different from our norm, but beautiful all the same. Sending love and warmth to friends and family around the world. We miss you.✌🏼 #happyholidays #morningtonpeninsula


Let’s take more blurry, imperfect photos on our iPhones,
standing on the balcony in pajamas,
talking about the future and watching the sunset. #mylove #simplemoments


Oh yoga. Where would I be (and who would I be) without you?
I'm feeling extra grateful and inspired by you lately. Each time I come to my mat, you remind me of the miracle of the breath, that each inhale and exhale is a gift to be celebrated. You guide me to move intuitively and find spaces where I can soften, areas that could use more love. You help me release my ego and expectations, and emphasize that this beautiful life I get to live, is not actually about me at all. 〰️ photo @howsheviewsit #foreverstudent #melbourneyoga


Be faithful to the light that’s always there.


If there is one thing our move has taught me, it’s that I desperately need to practice being still. ✨

I’m beginning to believe this is my life’s challenge, a lesson that will show up over and over again. My mind has been running really wild in the last two weeks - swirling over all the unknowns and the uncertainties. Nothing is familiar here, nothing is for sure, and my footing feels precarious and loose. When I’m grounded, possibilities are energizing. When I’m groundless, possibilities are anxiety inducing. I’ve had to reach inside my #wellness toolkit everyday to combat this tension and restlessness, and have found these 4 simple tactics to be the most valuable. 〰️〰️〰️ 〰️〰️〰️ ✨Samma vritti breathing: Taking 5 minutes out of my day to lay down, close my eyes and do breath work has been priceless. This breathing technique involves inhaling for 4 breaths, and exhaling for 4 breaths. It’s also called “equal breathing” and helps focus and calm the mind. ✨

Going to green space: Thankfully there is a park right next to our house and I’ve been seeking solace there. I take off my shoes, walk barefoot in the grass and think about reconnecting myself to the Earth. ✨

Reducing my coffee intake: It pains me to do this (especially with the ridiculously good coffee scene in Melbourne), but it’s so obvious that the more caffeine I have, the more wild my mind becomes. ✨

Repeating this mantra “Be Here Now”. This helps me stay in the present, and gives my mind a job to do instead of expecting it to stay silent. ✨ pc @michaelkeany


my plant bff 〰️monstera deliciosa #jungalow if you could only keep one type in plant in your house, which would you choose? #wildbynature