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tonight’s real life raw entertainment ... “ mom push me “ - @johnluke_robertson


just for some raw real life nighttime entertainment on the gram. we all end up on the floor at the end of every basketball game for the sole reason of laughter. MVP of tonight’s game - Lenny


love every second of work & friendship with this one ! She’s straight up gold 💛


here’s a little Monday encouragement inspired by this happy pizza eating night !
2 Corinthians 10:5 says, “take every thought captive, and make it obey Christ.” When I was in high school I would get anxious over eating, because in my mind I had created a cycle of an image I was pursuing to look like. Every bite I took i could not enjoy, because my mind would remind me that the image I want to achieve would not be able to be accomplished by me enjoying the meal. I was so hard on myself. That mindset stole so much from my life. I was so focused on my image that it stole the view of everyone in front of me. Like a preacher I’m gonna say that again... I was so anxious about an unrealistic image in my mind that I missed the joy of the REAL view of life right in front of me. It took up too much of my mind to create meaningful conversation. The truth is the anxiety of it all took up more space in my body than the actual food probably would of. I remember at the time when I was in that cycle of thinking I read this verse and I thought how can i take this captive ? It’s become such a habit. Well, a great mentor would tell me that you can not fight spiritual battles with worldly weapon. You have to fight spiritual battles with spiritual weapons. What’s a spiritual weapon? The sword of the spirit, which is the WORD of GOD! The words of the world can not stand against the words a good Father has already spoken. Make those thoughts obey Him! It’s your worship! It’s your gratitude! These are the things that stop the cycle. It’s a process, I am not going to lie, but year later sitting at the beach with my friends eating pizza and laughing till the sun goes down with a free mind and a deep inner peace and joy with who I am and where I am at, I know that the words of God are true, active and alive. So friends, guys and girls, if you’re where I was just a few years ago I encourage you that today is the day to stop the cycle. There is so much more for you, and so much more to who you are than what you eat, what you look like, or what you think you need to be. Right where you are at you are enough to be worthy of love, joy, and a peace of mind!


if someone is screaming your name while hanging their head out of their car window while you’re walking down the street ... you want it to be Shelley Giglio 😂 best surprise ever! glad that lead to coffee and donuts 🍩 ☕️ Shelley, you’re the best! We love you SO much, and are thankful for every second we get to spend with you!


I know everyone gets pumped when they have a “taylor swift birthday year”, but you are on a Bruno Mars birthday year and that is something to get STOKED about! THIS IS THE BEST! Celebrating who you are for so many reasons. You’re consistent, fun, life giving, Jesus filled, sweet, taste for food, leg muscles (yes I’m celebrating that) and have some of the best Original dance moves. Blame it on Jesus #blessing y’all ain’t ready for this year. LOVE YOU! #24k


what a night ✨ Sarah, your life is a fun one to celebrate <3 you are crazy loved my friend !


grab a cup of coffee and head over to the blog to be a part of the proverbs study with me! link in bio & story 🎈


celebrating this kind of love everyday, but with a teddy bear and balloons today. thank you for how you love and who you are ! 🧸🎈


GIVEAWAY - GIVING KEYS !!! Giving keys are SO special to me. They represent countless stories of redemption, hope, encouragement, and joy. They are personal. They are original. I can’t even tell you how many keys I’ve received and given in my life. Any every one is a special story.

So, this week on the @whoathatsgoodpodcast, my friend @caitlincrosby from the @thegivingkeys is sharing stories from her own journey. It’s incredible. Please GO LISTEN friends. To celebrate, we’re doing a special GIVEAWAY !! We’re giving away three ‘ORIGINAL’ keys to y’all. 🙌🏻 (and yes I’m freaking out that they did a special “Original” key for us)

To enter for a chance to win my favorite giving key, just follow these steps below👇:
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happy. about. this. moment. <3