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Dawn Chere . . . sister, where have you been my whole life?! You make everyone feel like family, and like they walked right into their home when they walk into your life. I truly believe that’s because you live like the father is right there with you. You lead with such class, strength, joy, conviction, passion, love, and truth. What y’all are doing with Vous Girl and @vouschurch is literally changing the world, because it’s changing peoples lives every day. I am thankful that i got to be in that room to experience what God is doing. It’s a true joy to know you, and learn from you. ♥️ XO !


HEYO AND MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE LO TEAM🎅🏼♥️⭐️ helping your gift game become strong!
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YA HEARD IM GONNA BE @vouschurch THURSDAY FOR VOUS GIRLS AND SUNDAY FOR SERVICE AND I’M STOKED!!!!!!! Who’s ready for church?!✋ [[ also @shopimagodei for the dream sweatpants🔥]]


mood the whole time i am worshipping to Way Maker 🙌💥🙂👏🧡💥🕺🏽🙌


MAKING OF THE SONG VIDEO IS UP 😂🙂🙃😂🙂😂🙃😂😂😂 LINK IN BIO!!! seriously ... this was the best and most hilarious experience. We are blown away and so thankful that this message is being blasted all over the world and thankful that it is touching so many of you! Thank you to everyone who has sent us messages today, left comments, and downloaded! The stories already have ya undone 😭 This is the coolest thing ever🎈🥳


Fam ... my very first worship song is officially out - ONE !
ONLY GOD. I hope when you listen to this song you are met with more of an understanding of His heart for you. This song is for everyone. The lyric video is on my YouTube channel. Link in BIO 💥 May His love for you be heard and felt.
The making of the song video will be posted tomorrow! HUGE shout out and thank you to @hankbentley for making this come to life. You’re a legend!


an hour and a half ... !
WHO IS STAYING UP ? ! ? ! ? !


*walks in fancy stores... takes selfie in their mirror... leaves. Ya feel?


I’ve been thinking about the word beauty. Have you ever felt like that word was so unfair?
Maybe even impossible to obtain, because of the image your mind / the world has portrayed of that word?
I have.
I felt like this word was so unfair, because our culture created this idea of beauty that seemed like only from striving you could obtain and even then, it wouldn’t measure up to enough.
One night it hit me.
I saw my friend taking off her makeup. She was in mid conversation when she stopped removing her makeup, so the right side of her face was fully done while left half of her face was freshly removed while she proceeded to finish her story.
While I was watching her tell the story I just thought... wow, who told us that the right side was more beautiful. That the left side needed to be covered to convey an image of beauty?
I recently asked God what real Beauty is in my prayer time, and I felt in my spirit my question answered. I heard... “beauty is everything you knew it to be before you let the world strip from you who you are.”
One of the real definitions of beauty found in the dictionary says, “the best feature or advantage of something.” Another is, a “combination of qualities.” Beauty is actually totally fair, because beauty is really just originality. It’s not a goal, a title, a look, a position, it’s not limited to a group, it’s not something you can go out and buy, but it’s something that you were created with that no one else has. It’s the best feature of YOU. It’s your advantage. It’s your originality. Its your word to own and to make it come to life. It’s the combination of everything about you. People might have a narrow perspective of beauty, but if you allow yourself to be seen for who you are ... you might be the very thing that opens up the mindset of the word to the world.




such a FUN trip!
We danced in Times Square through the thousands of people, we sang at the top of our lungs as if the lights were for our performance and no one could hear us, we laughed so hard we did the pee run several times in many places, and we made memories in this magical Christmas place that will last a life time. If you want to have fun you have to free yourself to be fun. Alot of times we get so caught up in who’s looking and what they think when the truth is of all the thousands of people we danced and sang by, I doubt one person is still thinking about the crazies they saw dancing through the streets (and if they are, I hope they are laughing about it), but we will remember that kind of fun forever. Don’t miss out on having fun and being fun just because other people are around. Everyone is so busy thinking about hard things, tough things, and the next thing that it just might actually be nice for them to get distracted by a laugh. We actually walked past one man who was playing an audio recording of someone laughing, and he was laughing so hard it made us laugh. When you walk in freedom and fun you pass it along to everyone around. It’s fun for everyone. Laugh at yourself and make others laugh. I genuinely believe it’s a beautiful form of selfless love. This is me advocating for FUN. GO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH AND LAUGH AT YOURSELF IN THE MEANTIME.


Simply happy! Wearing my Laura frames from @GlassesUSA. The perfect Christmas present :-) Use my code SADIE for a special offer. Link in bio.
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