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My hunk of a husband.


Issa look ✨ #GhalichiGlam
- Dress by @ryanandwalter @waltercollection


Which dress is your favorite?! I can’t decide 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣ SWIPE LEFT!
✨ All Dress by @ryanandwalter @waltercollection #GhalichiGlam


MOM 💦 - Photo by @tiborgolob - Wearing 3D @LillyLashes in style “Sydney” #GhalichiGlam


My baby girl is 2 months old 👼🏼 I have never enjoyed anything more than watching you grow from a newborn into a beautiful little lady. Scroll LEFT to see my angel! 😍
💄 Wearing 3D @LillyLashes in style “Rome” #GhalichiGlam


I know I went MIA, I promise to come back starting next week, but I can’t help it, my heart is so full all I want to do is be with her ❤️ Mommy and Daddy love you so much Alara. 👼🏼I have watched this video 1000 times, yesterday in her new swing for the very first time; I have never seen her happier, her smile lights up my entire World.


Caption this.


Limited Edition $11 Premium Synthetic @LillyLashes are back in stock!! 💄💦 ✨ Wearing style "LA" - Link in my bio 💋 #GhalichiGlam


Walking into @jamescharles white party like- Sister am I'm overdressed? 🌈 Congrats on your palette boo! ✨ Dress by @michaelcostello #GhalichiGlam


Working on my MOMager look 💁🏻
✨Wearing $11 limited edition @LillyLashes in style "LA" (the entire Premium Synthetic collection is restocking Sunday!) and #LillyHair clip in extensions by @bellamihair in color 1. #GhalichiGlam


It's so sad to read the comments and DM's from Women saying I'm "setting a bad, unrealistic example for other women and my daughter" when I post photos like this 5 weeks after giving birth....becoming a mom doesn't mean the end of YOU as a woman. This is my life. This is who I am 5 weeks later- walk your own journey and don't judge others along the way. ✨ Dress by @michaelcostello


If you enjoy sleepless nights, not fitting into any of your clothes (or shoes), leaking milk on silk dresses, and spending a ton of money on hand sanitizer- consider getting pregnant immediately 👯
👼🏼 Despite all of 👆🏼1 smile from her little face makes it all worth while.