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Super fun day yesterday for the inauguration of @skrituldeli (skateboard club) in @liepajalv! Thanks for the epic times @fricix @kalnzedgarz @kaspars_cekotins @klavstimbra @klavs_laivenieks 😘


Das snow therapy! Getting them ankles ready for skateboarding! Das boot is now off and I tried to skate already, but the operated ankle swell up, so now doing everything to make it great again. See You soon 🛹!! .


Šo sestdien Liepājā būs baigais, tiekamies tur! @skrituldeli #ElementPEACE #nomadicstatic


Can You imagine landing this one??? Have you already seen the new @elementbrand skate movie #ElementPEACE? @nick_garcia comes through with a healthy back noseblunt as filmed by @davehoang!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸


Must acknowledge @carloslastra_24 submissions for the @gopro #madhandstand challenge!! Pretty good. 😲 @brailleskate


Alternate angle? Filmed by @vincentjugnet Merci! #ElementPEACE @elementbrand @dc_skateboarding


Felt like @stevecaballero here for a couple of seconds... I was trying the craziest/scariest boardlide of my life & @augustsz came out of this building (@lnblv) to try to stop me.. Thank god he is a super cool dude and let me do my thing. But afterwards he gave me his number to call him in case I was going to do something like this again... I hesitatingly took the number and two years later called him to ask if I could use @redbull money to fix the broken ledges in front of the library. Then after a couple of meetings & a crowdfunding campaign we made the plaza in front of the National Library skateboard friendly. 🙏🏻 VERY VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! 🤗 Video by @blacksneeze & photo by @marcisruikis This truck was in my #ElementPEACE video part @elementbrand @dc_skateboarding


This was a great day of skateboarding, we were a crew of about 12 people skating from spot to spot, having fun & filming along the way. What more can you ask for? Thank You, Travis, for visiting me in Riga and for filming this! (🎥@blacksneeze) Clip from the @elementbrand #ElementPEACE movie available online! @dcshoes


Wishing you ☮️ peace of mind, a healthy body and true happiness. 🙏🏻
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🐖 🐷 🎥by @damiatesorero from the @elementbrand movie - #ElementPEACE - @dc_skateboarding @redbullskate @independenttrucks @mosaicbearings @ojwheels


🥶 🥶 🥶 @edgarsrodins @janberzins #GoProHERO7


Thanks for making this @mattlikesthat!!! I like that! #GoPro 🎥 by @davehoang


I made a little @gopro edit of our “Searching for the Mayas” @redbullskate trip! This brings back some really good memories with @angelo.caroficial @jaakkoojanen @zackwallin @danimillan @gastonfrancisco & @omarparragask8!! For the legit edit check the Red Bull website!! What an epic trip. #searchingforthemayas