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Some Fred Mortagne pictures from our recent trip to Paris for the Element premieres! Have you seen Fred’s photo slideshow that he made recently? Check @frenchfred profile, it’s super kewl!
@elementbrand #ElementPEACE @elementeurope


🧨 TNT 🧨 @antihero_wakebladez morning hype from @transworldskate video “In Bloom” 🔥🔥🔥 🎥by @jon__holland & @bo_def_son


It’s narrow, slippery and the angle is crazy! ✍️@nick_garcia don’t care. 🎥 by @hidelabmov #ElementPEACE @elementbrand


Crooked grinds have always been my favorites! I remember one time around 2003 i was trying it down a hubba and in stead of crooks it went: noseslide to crooks to switch 5-0 to 180 out! 👀😂 It was the best feeling! Haha
This is a @coookie_doe 📱 pic while filming for the #ElementPEACE video! This time nothing went different and I landed it safely. I had a hurt wrist at the time and it was crucial to not slam on it! #thankful and also thankful to @mark_appleyard’s homie @tommydemaria who showed us this cool spot! 👊🏻🙏🏻


What do I like about this photo?🤔 JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING! This is @EthanLoy with a tight squeeze nosegrind 📸 by @JakeDarwen 👑
Footage in the new @elementbrand video!


@highsnobiety has made a 3-part docuseries about the @dcshoes brand! If you like it, don’t hesitate to check it! Link in profile! @dc_skateboarding


Once I learned the handstand I became obsessed with it, doing it every day, wherever! So when we were in Spain during the @elementmakeitcount contest, @nick_garcia mentioned I should probably do a grind with it somewhere, and so we were wondering around BCN, Montbau area and as always we passed by this spot. I had been here many times prior, but never knew what to do, so I usually just skated the banks on the other side of the hill, which I find more fun. This time, though, it hit me that this could be a handstand grind, as the ledge was fat enough for my trucks to lock in nice! 😳 So I started trying and eventually it became a reality. Luckily @dielan came by on the session too and shot a sequence first try right as I was landing it! Thanks for the photo and thanks for the inspiration! @elementbrand #ElementPEACE video now available online!


Luck be a lady tonight! @blacksneeze thank you for filming! @elementbrand #ElementPEACE.


@MOBILAfilms Almost chopped my fingers on this one! 😬


Have a jolly good day, folks! May Your flips pop well today, and if they don’t then try another trick & be happy. 😂@chrisrayfilms @gopro #GoProHERO7 pic! @elementbrand @dc_skateboarding @redbullskate


Happy that the VEF DIY we built 6 years ago thanks to @redbulllatvia is in full effect. Link in bio for the full “Oasis” video made by @rajontv on @transworldskate! Pictures by the homie @naurisdollins & skaters @fricix @dimondeda!


Hello, beautiful world! 🌍 I’m very happy to be able to travel with some of the best skaters around, sometimes it just seems ridiculous! Thank you @GoPro for this summers trip! #thankful we got to go to Greece for the launch of the #GoProHero7 camera. 🙏🏻