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A husband, father, actor, director, and a climate change and renewable energy advocate with an eye out for love and hope. Please, enjoy my photos.

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✌️ #10YearsChallenge #20yearsmarriage




Spending the last two days in DC celebrating the swearing in of the #116thCongress, I felt hope. I know representatives, like @ocasio2018, @repmarkpocan, @repdebhaaland, @speakerpelosi, @reprokhanna, @reptedlieu, @repjayapal, and @shariceforcongress will fight for a better, more equal America 🇺🇸 A special thanks to the staffers for all of your help!


Having a great time in DC celebrating the #116thCongress with @repdebhaaland, @shariceforcongress, and @ms_eagleheart. How lucky are we to be represented by these badass women? 🎉


Tonight, had to privilege of attending the Native Country event to honor @deb4congressnm and @shariceforcongress! It was beautiful, fun, and I even got to do one of my favorite things: sit in on the drum circle 🥁 Looking forward to the indigenous century ✊🏻✊🏽✊🏿 🎥: @indianz


TFW you’re already struggling to juggle all your #NewYear’s Resolutions


Diving into the New Year like...🥳 🎥: @marcokrapels, Zambia, 2013


Missing the summer (and exploring the Catskills) a little bit as we head into the cold of winter ❄️


Thank you always for your vision and magic, Stan. Happy birthday 💚




Real Christmas Spirit... are devices the new Christmas Grinch?


I was so inspired by your generous spirit during the #PayItForwardChallenge last year that I want to do it again this holiday season! Enjoy a drink on me this morning. I encourage you to add on to this gift card or start your own ☕️