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Old man cranking. Still got a little bit of gas in the tank.
Inconspicuous photo by @jenadinehavenga


Love this shot taken by @marc_havoc as I interviewed a true legend in the motorcycle fraternity last week @joey_evans_132 - I’ll let you know as soon as the video is up. In the meantime subscribe to our YouTube channel (link in bio) and don’t forget to follow @themavericktalkshow for updates..
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I posted this in my stories but it’s so powerful I decided to put it up on my timeline. A few years back whilst reminiscing about my neighborhood friends I tried to find a few on Facebook and reconnect. At first I thought it would be easy but some of them just don’t do social media and so the chances of me reconnecting with some of them is merely impossible. I then found out that one of my best friends who I spent a ton of my childhood years with had committed suicide a few years back and it really bothered me that in that gap that I hadn’t seen him something obviously went terribly wrong with him and life became too much. It’s sad that we can’t always be there for one another to help or assist one another. It’s the reason I never hold grudges on people because at some stage there is always a way to sort your shit out and choose to move forward amicably. Always remember where you came from and cherish each and every moment as if it were your last. ✌🏻


Today’s society summed up in one sentence. #growapair


Sunday therapy. A few hours of sunlight, tunes, a twisted throttle and a whole lot of road.
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Got to spend my morning with this absolute titan of the human spirit @Joey_evans_132 as we wrapped up Show 4 - our first show of 2019 on @themavericktalkshow . From paralysis due to a spinal cord injury to conquering the most grueling race in the world -The Dakar! We’ll be uploading the show next week so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel (link in bio) to be the first to watch this great interview.
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This Friday I’ll be doing a live and exclusive interview by Uncut Media at 19h00 SA time. Tune in to as I am interviewed by @muscle_up_with_bryan on my life in Publishing with some untold stories of my time in The South African Bodybuilding and Fitness Industry. This is a no holds barred interview so I’m excited to share some of my thoughts and experiences on the sport here in SA. I promise I won’t bore you. Tune in and check it out.


Training session with her royal highness. She made me take a selfie. #selfie
Hashtags not to use in 2019:
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#tbt to when @jenadinehavenga told the shop owner he better make the price right quick or she is walking out the shop with this bear hat on in Venice Beach LA. Needless to say we got a discount and everyone was happy.


Before I ended my publishing career I was privileged to receive a one of a kind Ciccone/TNT vest which they personalised for me. Big thanks to @jaco_davidson and @matt_haldenby - I wear it with pride and love training in it. Thank you.


Counting all the pigeons at Starbucks with no feet, walking around on stumps and wondering what the fuck happened to their feet. True Story.
Photo by @jenadinehavenga