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I’ve never been a patient person. The drive in me to get things done and execute on new ideas has been frustrating to say the least. Relying on others is something I hate but @themavericktalkshow starts filming next week and I have 3 guests lined up for our new venture. Make sure you’re following the account for more updates on who I’ll be interviewing and chatting to. I can promise you it’s going to be something really original and fresh for a South African podcast show. Until then, have a great Saturday. .
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Almost December. The time when I get to visit family, Piss off seagulls, almost get shot out the sky and take killer sunset pics. Cannot. Wait.


Here’s a throw back to when I was cute and cuddly. Naughtiest little shit you’d ever meet. Not much has changed.


I found this larger than life guy chatting up my girl in the gym. @kksibiyawbffpro it was good to see you brother. You’re getting too big so from now on either train somewhere else or go train on the other side of my gym. Looking majestic and swole AF brother. So good to see you. #bromance photo by the handsome @emersonhaupt


Grow a mo for Movember. Cute bro. Permabeard status: Strong.


South African security guard mentality. “You can’t take pictures here!” Me: “Ok I’ll take them with my cell phone then” Him: “Yes, de cellphone is fine”. Blows my fucking mind. Short sighted, red tape, bullshit fucking mindsets. And people wonder why the human race is so stupid.
Managed to snap out from one at f1.2 With the Canon. Photo by peaches @jenadinehavenga


Quick spin around FIBO with the lads @jacodbruyn @chris_mcwilliams7 and of course her royal highness @jenadinehavenga


Date night. Huawei Mate 20 Pro Launch.


Testing, testing... 1...2...3


Absolutely love this. Repost from @seanlvlife


When in traffic we take selfies. Awesome ride with my brother @this_is_the_life_of_j today. Honoured to know and have incredible people around me always.


#flexfriday show me your guns.
Photo by her royal highness @jenadinehavenga