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One day we hope that this will be us

We are sorry we aren't active school is and we have our other accounts @pexchymulti @mirayfilms follow us 😉 so we really hope to start Editing on here again! ~ary❤️

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We LOVE a glowing sister ❣️

Sorry we haven't been active lately Miray is on vacation right now and I am working. Hope to be back soon and edit so much more for u guys!

We hope to meet very soon! ♥️~ Ary❤️


I actually hate ary she’s such a hoe and she thinks that she’s actually pretty but she’s not😘🙂 (DONT TRIGGER)

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we stan queen ary don’t we


I love her with all my heart even tho we don't show it so often❤️~A (THIS WAS A BIT RUSHED SO IMMA GO MAKE A BETTER EDIT THAN THIS)

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y’all thought that we are always nice to each other welppp u wish hahahha we call each other hoe and sends pics of us showing our hate for each other but deep down we love each other and we know it hahaha ~ m✨

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ugh I really hate the distance I wanna hug her rn.. the worst feeling ever is to not be able to hug the person you love the most🤷🏻‍♀️ ~ M✨
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{INTRODUCTION‼️} Hii guys, so this is a quick introduction so y’all get to know us better 🦋
miray: 15 years old, loves food and the Martinez twins, has a fan page for them; @martinezeffects and lives in the Netherlands 🦋
aryella: 14 years old loves pizza also has a fan page for the martinez twins @softformartinez and lives in Israel 🦋
There are 4726 kilometers between us but don’t worry we will meet soon!! I hope y’all are gonna like our page!!
Have a great day!!❤️❤️