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🖤 @tiaragriffin1541 🖤

Hello my beautiful friends!
I want to introduce my my fabulous self 😆 Tiara Griffin!
I’m a hard working single momma! My kids are Elijah (7) + Aleiah (5), my beautiful angels! I work currently as a Medical Assistant and I’m ALSO going back to school to get my NURSING degree (BSN) one year down! Busy momma!
I’m trying to get into YouTube and doing daily vlogs on YouTube! Please visit my page to support me! I’m so excited to meet my new mommy friends, I’m all about making connections and meeting new people!
Tiara 🖤🖤🖤



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🖤 @fitmamawolsey 🖤

Hi everyone! I’m Amanda. .
I’m a wife, mama & health coach. .
Motherhood is not always the easiest but it is the most rewarding. The long nights, the tears, the whining, I do it all for these smiles.
I’m a born and raised SoCal girl who has a passion for health & wellness. My passion stems from my education in Nutrition/Dietetics and when my daughter was born it made me realize that health is not something that everyone can control. She was born with congenital hypothyroidism (it could be worse & I’m grateful beyond belief it wasn’t). There are 1000s of things that we can control, health being one of them. I want to influence those that can control their health to be the best they can be. .
We only get one life. Lifestyle is a choice. Why not choose to live the fullest, purest, and healthiest life you can!?! .
Working out isn’t easy and I can come up with a million excuses not too....STOP making excuses and just do it! Whether it’s a walk outside, heading to the gym or a class do something for you. No one has ever completed a workout and said gosh I wish I didn’t do that. Do something that is going to better yourself.
Cannot wait to meet all of you ❤️






Congratulations to the winner: @cookcharmedlife! .
#mommy_instafriends #mommyinstafriends


🖤 @raisingtwinqueens 🖤

Hi mommas!! My name is Kelley, and I am a new mother to twin girls!!! I have the honor and privilege to be a stay at home mom during the week. I care for an elderly woman on the weekends, and am contingent at Hospice. Caring for people is my passion in life!
I love looping with all of you, and hope to get to know all of you better!!! ❤️❤️





🖤 @elena_gilinsky 🖤

Hi friends! I thought today would be a good day to introduce myself again because today is my birthday! 🎉🎈 As many of you know, I am Elena, the main admin of this page, mother of Little Miss Meera, and a wife of 3 years, living in San Diego, CA. I am a SAHM on Mom Duty 24/7, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. Meera and I have been nearly inseparable since she was born. We love to go to the zoo, aquarium, walks at the beach, or wherever else the wind may blow us. I like coffee and wine, I wish I lived in Costa Rica, and I appreciate when people follow the rules of the loop. 😂

On top of managing this page (which I honestly had no idea would be more time consuming than a full time job 😆), I do family and wedding photography - you can see some my work: @ametrine_photography.
My other baby is this page @mommy_instafriends, which I created about 3 months ago with the hopes of making something different than the average loop page. My goal has been to build a community of friends that support one another. I’ve met a lot of really wonderful people since I’ve started this page, and I hope you do too!
I look forward to getting to know all of you a little better each day! The features on this page have become my favorite thing we do on here because I love seeing all the mamas genuinely connect and send each other some love. DM me if you’re interested in this special opportunity to introduce yourself to the @mommy_instafriends community! 🖤



🖤 @mamafecteau 🖤

Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself. My name is Samantha, I am a wife and a new mom! I have a five month old daughter named Cecelia and she is our world! I’m from Maine, but live in Washington due to my husband being in the navy.
I am a lover of coffee, leggings, and all things home decor. If you are interested check out my blog (link is in my bio) and follow me on this new journey called motherhood. ♥️ I feel as though what every mother wants is to just be the best mom she can be, and she’s always worrying about how she can be better. I have to keep telling myself that you are going to have your bad days, and you are going to get frustrated and feel defeated. But every mother goes through those moments. You are not alone, and you are a great mom.
Follow me on my Instagram while I figure out this whole motherhood thing, and read along with all of my stories on my blog (link in bio @mamafecteau).