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Harvesting some of the first test batches of some of our cordyceps strains! We were taken off guard by selling out of our cordyceps so quickly that we decided to ramp things up this next round! We are prepping to run almost 7,000 jars next weekend in the big autoclave! If anyone is in the area and wants to give us/the cordyceps a pair of hands in helping us with the 7,000, December 1st weekend shoot us a DM!


The holidays are officially upon us! Have lots to do?
Feeling like this?
ADAPTOGENS are your answer!
Adaptogenic herbs are those which ADAPT us to stresses or changes in our environment/body. .
While all medicinal mushrooms are technically thought of as adaptogens there are a few mushrooms in particular that are super beneficial as adaptogens.
Cordyceps and Reishi can be thought of as the tylenol AM and PM of the medicinal mushroom adaptogens. .
They both help our livers and kidneys, boost oxygen in the blood stream and lung health. Cordyceps helps replenish our JING and CHI which is our vital life force and energy. While reishi is more nourishing in it’s action and helps us rest and restore helping us life up to it’s name - 10,000 year mushroom. .
Throw in some Lion’s mane for brain function and maybe some maitake to regulate blood sugar levels with the holiday food binges and you are all set my friends :) .


Did you know...
Your heart beats over 100,000 times a day without ever having to think about it. It pumps over 6,000 quarts of blood per day through a network of blood vessels that, if you were to put them end to end, would reach over 60,000 miles - enough to circle the earth twice at the equator. .
As the Beatles beautifully put it... “All you need is love”. Let’s take care of our hearts. .
Also known as the 10,000 year mushroom or the mushroom of immortality, Reishi offers a plethora of benefits to the human body including supporting the cardiovascular system. .
If you want to help your heart out this winter and get in your winter slumber 💤 ‘s then pick up some Reishi from the shop! .


This is where the magic happens.
These single cell wall thick filamentous enzyme factory electrical signal highway networks are the mother of Mushrooms. :
One can think of mycelium as the apple tree and the apples being the mushroom fruit bodies. Pushing their hyphal tips into the unknown world and constantly sending signals throughout the rest of the network to flip on this gene to send this enzyme here and that enzyme there and grow more over here and die back over here. When mycelium is running out of food or senses a physical or biological barrier they send signals to create a rapid transformation in their structure to create mushrooms which are chapels of sacred copulation. This is where the mushroom sex happens to send out the spores and dna across to other regions of the ecosystem! .
One of the big reasons we use strictly fruit-bodies in our products are that the fungal organism starts pumping and creating new compounds and concentrating them in the fruitbody to make them attractive to animals, insects and humans alike to come consume/pick them and further spread the spores - akin again to a tasty fruit of an apple.


View of our cordybins!
Pinning like crazy!
Can’t wait to see these at full growth!


Everything is pinning really nicely in the fruiting room! Soon to be swimming in abundance of Cordycepin! The team at Mushroom Revival has been cranking it!


Get your neural nectar juiced up!
Grab a bottle of Lion’s Mane Tincture to bring your brain game to another level! Stare at a phone/computer screen all day? Repair the noggin with some tincture droppin!
. (Photo Credit - the wonderful- @lizblake)


We are teaming up with @feel_supreme for this incredible giveaway this week! .
1. Follow @mushroomrevival and @feel_supreme
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3. Tag a friend in the comments section. One separate comment per entree! Unlimited entrees! .
FIRST PLACE WINNER: Cbd Oil, Mush 7 tincture, Himilayan Shilajit, Cordyceps militaris tincture. .
SECOND PLACE WINNER: Himilayan Shilajit, Chaga tincture
Contest will run until Wednesday November 21st at 4:00 PM EST!


Find someone who looks at you like she looks at these mushrooms. Or better yet looks at mushrooms the way you look at mushrooms! .
Our team at Mushroom Revival is fascinated with pushing the envelope of fungi and all things medicine to a whole new level! We got our eye on the shrooms!


Birch Polypore!
Fomitopsis betulina! Formally piptoporus betulinus
Often seen growing on birch trees especially in the winter time! This mushroom was made famous because it was found on the oldest naturally preserved human - Ötzi the Ice Man. Ötzi was found in the swiss alps and it was theorized he was using this mushroom to clear away intestinal parasites. .
Traditional Medicine in Bohemia for stomach disease, rectal cancers. In vitro activity against human lung glioma and colorectal cancer cell lines; metastases. It’s an anti-oxidant mushrooms that also inhibits bacterial growth.
Also used as a razor strop which it’s its common name “razor strop”. .
Go out in the woods and try to find this mushroom!!!


We are dedicated to creating a REVIVAL in HEALTH with MUSHROOMS!
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Only you have the power to make a better future! We must find the power within and work together as a TEAM!
At Mushroom Revival we strive to bring medicine to the people and to the earth. Every healthy product you get from us plants one tree around the world! Each tree produces oxygen which makes up 33% of our body! It’s essential for making ATP which without it our bodies would shut down. Oxygen for us is LIFE!