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Pasture raised meat + organic veggie purées for babies 6 mo+.

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Dot is loving her first taste of Serenity Kids! Show us how your babes are enjoying their SK pouches by tagging us in the photo and using #myserenitykids in the caption. 💕


Shoutout to all the parents out there saying they're going to eat their baby's Serenity Kids when in a pinch! Don't knock it 'til you try it! 😋#myserenitykids


If your kiddo could choose three foods to eat every single day - what would they be? #myserenitykids


Or we don't leave the house at all... 😏#serenitysunday [📷: @thespunkycoconut]


This is what happens when you let the four-year-old feed the baby. 👼🏼 #myserenitykids


⚠️Warning: The following sentence will make you angry... Sixty percent of Organic baby foods contain 10g of sugar or more—which equates to an adult sized human having three 12oz cans of Coca Cola during one meal. 😤Just because it's "Organic" - doesn't mean it's good for you! Let your babies wrap their fingers around the good stuff instead! Serenity Kids is low sugar and filled with grass fed protein, healthy fats and veggies! #readthelabel #myserenitykids


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So much to be thankful for. 🙏🏼 Enjoy the holiday, friends! And eat a bunch of 🦃. #myserenitykids


Celebrate Thanksgiving with your little one with this easy baby food recipe made with your holiday leftovers! Your child will be grateful for this delicious and nutritious blend of fall favorites. 🦃🥑🎃 #myserenitykids


Clean ingredients for a healthy, happy baby! 👶🏾💕
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DON'T WAKE THE BABY! Thank youuuuu! #myserenitykids [✏️: @courregedesign ]


Nutritious for babies, good for the planet, convenient for parents. 💕Thanks, @thepaleomom. #myserenitykids