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It has something magical, being in "Christmas tree land", wíth snow!
And then.. it's quite the challenge to get my kids on camera, as they are as fast as lightning, running through the trees and playing hide&seek.


Let's see what the day brings! That's the good thing of Saturday's


One minute of our month November ♡
One of my goals for next year (yes I'm early..): improving my filmskills! I love the power of these moving photo's


I need to force myself to relax, lay down and just watch some Netflix with a large cup of tea. I really do. There is always something to do of something in my head ánd even more, I'm a mom. Don't forget that!
Dark Decemberdays help, they make me do it ☆
And for the realitycheck right now.. school run it is!


Boy 🖤 oh boy


Sweet little 3year old, full of character. 🖤


Let's blame the flu season for this slow Saturday. We did nothing from the list of things that needed be done.




Face challenges. Face your challenges.
I'll will be with you and help you along the way ♡


'Mom stay in the picture', it almost never happens. I'm always behind it.
But for an article for work about #motherswithautism, my sweet sister took this photo of us. And tomorrow, together with a collegae, I give a lecture about the subject. Oh my... so excited ánd scared. Wish me luck ;)


Seek what's sets your soul on fire!


No baby anymore, but still team no sleep over here. At least, that's how I feel right now. After a full birthdayweekend at my sister and this little lady waking up way to early every day... Give me two days of sleep!