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3 days at work, 3 times boxing class. I'm done for this week, in mind ánd body. Let's have weekend!


How my perfect Sunday looks like 🖤


5.30am is way too early little girl! One thing I know about today: lots of coffee. I'll start with that! And now I have enough time to figure out the rest.


How pirates act according to her. He isn't so sure about that.


Fire in her soul and love in her eyes ♡


Rain all day, so obviously this one was not from today. And to be honest, my feet still hurt from the night before; dancing with the girls ♡. Lazy Sunday it was!


- I don't know who you'll be, but I know you'll be my everything -
capturing this beautiful woman. I really loved it!


Love for this.
And love for weekends! And weekend it is for me! Hopefully we will be able to get some tickets for a sold out party (most likely it's the couch & me, on Saturdaynight..) but there is so much energy in dancing the night away with girlfriends♡!I


Sticks and water. From last month.
Slowly we all long for spring, too much indoor-time doesn't work for us. So let's rush through February, on to March! Who is with me?!


Seconds of January ♡
Together with the snow-video earlier (check my feed) it forms a pretty good image of the first month of the year with my sweet wild family!


This is how my weekend will look like ❤ (because you all know..moms need sleep and aunts need qualitytime)


For this week no workdays left, but enough work to be done! It's my Fridaynight plan I guess.. But tomorrow starts with boxing-class (sounds cool right?!) and the rest of the day with these two rebels ♡