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I taught a couple of workshops tonight at the Next Level Studios LA. It’s always a lot of fun and I hope the students enjoyed themselves.

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Norman Buckley

I married Davyd Whaley ten years ago today. It remains the best decision I ever made. We decided rather suddenly, as proposition 8 was on the ballot in California that fall and I was afraid we might not have another opportunity. I already felt married; we wore rings and we’d already been together for four years by that point. But on the morning of September 18, 2008 I looked over at Davyd and said, “Let’s do this while we can, because who knows what the future holds?” And he jumped to his feet and said, “Let’s go now.” We drove to the Beverly Hills Courthouse, got the marriage license and scheduled the ceremony for the following afternoon, September 19, at the Van Nuys City Hall.

I remember standing with Davyd, before the judge, realizing I could not feel any more pure love than I did in that moment, not just given but received. He looked at me with an expression that included every wonderful thing I felt for him. I remember thinking, how blessed I am that he is willing to enter into this commitment with me. And in all my years with him I never felt anything less.
More than anything else, Davyd could always bring me to the present moment, to a place of complete unconditional love. All those years with him now seem like only a few minutes in the realm of time and space, but we reached the top of a mountain. I was able to reach the summit...with him. It is a feeling I carry with me still.
There is a line in the vows, “till death do us part,” but it’s not true. Nothing ends the connection I feel, will always feel, to that beautiful soul who made me feel whole, who made me feel complete. That he died is a tremendous ongoing loss for me, certainly, but physical loss is always inevitable, and only in the temporal realm, on the material plane, not in the space of the mind, not in the eternal space of the heart. In the most essential sense Davyd is as present for me now as he was that day. He was and still is the constant in my life, my true north, my home, and I will continue to celebrate this day, on which I said yes to Love and to him. Whatever it is that we call Love is now a part of me forever. Davyd Whaley is Love...for me.

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Norman Buckley

Dinner tonight with my friend Lisa Callamaro, who I met years ago mentoring at the CineStory screenwriting competition. It was so great to catch up with her.

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Norman Buckley

I was interviewed on my friend Ryan Black’s new radio show today. He’s one of my very best friends but at one point he called me Norman Buckman, and I think that is worth dinner on him next time we meet. #LifeWithRyan

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Norman Buckley

“From a feeling of embarrassment, we hesitate to approach a stranger. The fear of being repulsed is the cause of a great deal of coldness in the world: when we seem indifferent we are merely timid. The adventurous soul must break that barrier, resolving in advance not to mind a rebuff. If we dare with wisdom, always maintaining a certain reserve in our approach, we find that when we open ourselves we open doors in others.

Especially in great cities do the doors of the heart need to be opened. Love is always lonely in crowds. Country and village people know each other and realize some mutual dependence, but the inhabitants of cities are strangers who pass without salute—so isolated, so separate, often so lost and despairing. What a stupendous opportunity is waiting there for men and women who are willing to be simply human!

Begin anywhere—in office, factory, subway. There may have been smiles across a streetcar aisle that stayed the purpose of a suicide. Often a friendly glance is like a single ray of sunshine, piercing a darkness we ourselves may not dream is there.”
—Albert Schweitzer

#WalkerEvans #BeSimplyHuman

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Norman Buckley

Birthday dinner for my beloved Anna Mastro. Happy birthday Anna!

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Norman Buckley

Lunch today with my directing colleague and good friend Darren Stein.

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#Repost @davydwfdn
The Davyd Whaley Foundation begins its third year. New grants coming for emerging artists and artist-teachers. Open for applications in October.

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My cats like it when my dog Annie is not here. (She’s at a sleepover.)

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Norman Buckley

I bought the blu-ray with the extended cut of #TheTreeOfLife, one of my favorite films. It’s a deeply spiritual film, but also very personal for me as it reminds me so much of my childhood in Texas.

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Had he lived, this would have been Timothy Scott’s 63rd birthday. He was my first significant other, the person who changed my life; who made me aware of the depth and breadth of love. We lived together for five wonderful years until his death at 32. I remember him with such gratitude. “The first love disappears, but never goes. That ache becomes reconciliation.” —James Baldwin

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Norman Buckley

My text exchanges with Jade would make a good book.

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