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[Thicc Lion King, the movie]
Rafiki: The Thicc King is here
Pavlov: I keep telling u, I’m not even thicc
Rafiki: do u want to be king or not?....
Pavlov: Bow down bitches.
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Pavlov: What’s it like being a bitch? Jk I’m making a female dog joke lol
Tofu: what’s it like being an asshole?
Pavlov: I don’t get it.
Tofu: it’s not a joke.
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friend: are you religious?
my brain:
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it
don’t say it


No inappropriate jokes today:
I just want to say that I be-leaf in you ❤️


Winston: We’re such kings, Pavlov
Pavlov: I want to be the queen
Winston: but ur a boy...
Pavlov: fuck gender norms
Winston: yasssss Queen 👑


[At busy tourist spot]
Pavlov: excuse me sir, can you take a picture for me *gets ignored*
Pavlov: excuse me,... *gets ignored*
Stranger: why don’t u just takes selfie?
Pavlov: bc my arms are too short... fuck it, I’ll just take a selfie #teampixel #shotonpixel


-sounds like hard work
Praying to PavGod to fix your problems:
-sounds tight as fuck


Tofu, dog: what a beautiful day, not a single cloud in the sky
Atlas, cloud: *looks in sky* oh fuck, wheres my mom


PavLion: King of the Concrete Jungle
In this epic film, Pavlov, a dwarf lion, adventures through the Big City in search of his one true love (Pizza Rat)


Mom: Pavlov Halloween is over, you can take off the costume
Pavlov: I told u mom, this isn’t a costume, this is who I am
Mom: And what is that?
Pavlov: Sad.
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Winston: Why’d you invite Antisocial Paul to your birthday party?
Pavlov: Bc he said he’d bring a cool pink wall. Im a little disappointed tbh.
Paul: fuck u *snaps fingers*
[swipe to see Paul’s magic]


*Knock knock*
You: who’s there?
Pavlov: Go h*ckin vote or else I’ll shit in your shoe
You: that’s not a joke
Pavlov: neither is not voting.
If you are able, please go exercise your right to vote! It’s a privilege to vote — not all people in the world, or even this country get to exercise this privilege. There are a lot of fucked up things happening with this country and the way we can make a difference is to vote to have our voices heard. DM me picture of your dogs with an “I voted sticker” and we’ll share our favorites as a thank you for going out to vote ❤️