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The record for the most consecutive boops given by a president in office is held by Barack Obama with 1069. George Bush did 911.


[career day]
Teacher: what do u wanna be when u grow up?
Pavlov: an egg
Teacher: bc an egg is the most liked Instagram photo ever?
Pavlov: no, bc I’m easily broken 😭
If @world_record_egg could get 30 million likes, how many can puppy Pavgod get? 😂❤️


[Lion King, Thicc Edition]
Pavlov: I luv u
PavDad: Awh really?! ❤️
Pavlov: lol jk, bitch I’m lion 🦁
p.s. Pavlov luvs u ❤️


Thank u, 100k 💛
Whether you’ve followed us today or since day 1, we want to share that we appreciate your love and support. Thank you for allowing us to share Pavlov with the world ❤️
[swipe] Our original idea was to buy 100K balloons and take a cute and creative photo of Pavlov floating. Five minutes and $70 into the shoot, the balloons flew away and were lost to the atmosphere. Moral of the story: sometimes things don’t go as planned, but at the end of the day, pavlov loves u ❤️


[street fight]
Pavlov: I brought my brother to fight u, bitch.
Whiskey: I brought my brother too
Pavlov: wait, why the fuck is he so tall?!


Pavlov: Fuck, I forgot my armpit sauce
PavDad: wtf is armpit sauce?
Pavlov: you must be one of those weirdos that call it “deodorant”
PavDad: where are u learning these things?
Pavlov: memes.


Are your kids texting about Pavlov?
LOL = lots of loafs
IDC = 1 dank corgi
TTYL = thiccness, the yeet life
PTP = pray to Pavgod 🙏🏾
LOAF = loaf
What other acronyms can you think of? 😂


Pavlov (final evolution), 19, gothicc not emo. Addicted to JUUL Pods and competes in vape competitions. Once stole his mom’s Toyota Corolla to buy cigarettes and got grounded for a year. Favorite color is Death Black (not to be confused with Dead Black). Eats a bologna (no cheese) sandwich w/ a subtle cry every morning. Be like Pavlov in 2019.


[first date]
Pavlov: I like it raw
Date: *blushing* oh really, tell me more 😏 #ad
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Scientist: I’ve invented a time machine. You’re now able to go back in time and teach your old self something important. Make sure it benefits society.
Pavlov, 3 y/o: can I teach my 8 week self the Soulja Boy?
Scientist: of fucking course.


[Open House]
Chibi: what about this one? Comes with a free dog.
Pavlov: nah, too small.
Kokoro: *tearing up* y culdnt I be born a normal house?


[sad stori]
Atlas: I luv head patties
Pavlov: y dnt i get head patties
Atlas: it bc u panda.
Pavlov: *cri*