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💙Received a whole lot of Tiffany love for Christmas 💙

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Getting the J Crew bling ready for New Year’s!! 🎉🎊

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Love my new bubble gum pink Yeti Rambler monogrammed with a K of course!! 💓 (And you can’t go wrong with a matching pink squishy llama either!)

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💚❤️Nothing like mixing a little Burberry into the holidays!❤️💚

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Tis' the season for blackwatch plaid! I'm loving my new bow earrings! 😆And they perfectly match my blackwatch plaid jacket too!

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I am totally in love with this Kate Spade phone case I got in New York!! It is exclusive to only the new Kate Spade store in the middle of Times Square😍🏙❄️

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Fall is finally arriving in New England! Got these super cute boots yesterday to get ready for the cooler weather 😆

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This was my SUPER awesome haul from the Lilly Pulitzer APS!! I'm super excited to wear them😫😍Comment below what you scored!😏

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Omg!! I am OBSESSED with my new Tory Burch watch I got the other day 😍 I would have to say Tory is my favorite brand 😏Comment your favorite below!

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Just wanted to thank @graciekayyt for being kind enough to share her SGP items with others in the giveaway she hosted!! I happened to be the lucky winner of the giveaway and I love everything I received 😍😍😍Hopefully I can rep for them soon😏

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Wanted to post when I went to the beach the other day!! I caught a huge crab when I went crabbing and I had to stay whaley preppy in my vineyard vines tee of course😏😊

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I finally bought the lovely Lobstah Roll, captain's popover yesterday!! I love how bright it is 😍 Also happy 4th everyone🎆🎇

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