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☝️We're about one week away from the 46th anniversary of #RoeVWade, and yet there are still SOOO many misconceptions and roadblocks that can't be ignored in the conversations around #abortion.
Between laws designed to curb access to clinics and the rise of crisis pregnancy centers, we still have such a long way to go 👈. We created a guide to help you navigate the mess of regulations so you can get the help you need. Tap the link in bio for more info.


@ everyone, did we get yours right finally🥯? 😅 And hey if we didn't, let us know in the comments which bagel is your go-to. 👇
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🌈Dreaming in full color✨. Thank you #MLK for being a catalyst. Happy birthday and #restinpower ✊.


🌾 Plant the seed & watch that lil baby flourish into something larger than life 🦋🌷
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We hear you. We see you. We believe you.
Tap the link in bio to see how #ChristineBlaseyFord is helping trauma survivors.
#AcknowledgeIsPower #HereForYou


The world would be a nicer place if people would just let people be who they are.
🔈Tag your statement tee photos with #ReadOurLips and use your caption to tell us what that statement means to you for a chance to have your story shared on our page each week.
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🌟 Get the f*ck outta your comfort zone and make some magic happen. 🧙‍♀️💯


HBD Nancy💫❤️ @nattyiceofficial


"It’s ok to be kind to your mind ✨⁣
I’m so used to being “on” all the time, so much thinking and synthesizing and over-analyzing. I’m learning to be more patient with myself as I unlearn and create new pathways for experiencing things (both IRL and in my mind). ⁣" #Insider29: @heysuperstar


"Do you ever think about how you’re overthinking something you shouldn’t even be thinking about? And then you can’t stop overthinking about how you’re an over-thinker and how you wish you would just stop thinking these thoughts that make you overthink????? And then it’s 4 am and you haven’t slept and you’re left thinking why oh why are you such an over-thinker??? WELP." _
If you're looking for some clarity, tap the link in bio for our go-to self-help books.
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Coming off a breakout role as a queer 🌈 highschooler on Champions, #JosieTotah announced that her pronouns are she, her, and hers, and she identifies as a transgender female. 💞 To celebrate this era of young trailblazers like #JosieTotah, 👏 we created a list of the 29 most inspiring, talented, and buzzed about Gen-Zers.
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"The road you're traveling may not be easy, but it will lead you to where you're meant to be ❣️#TuesdayTruths"
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