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It's my @siobhandeevy 's birthday today! You know I love you. That's a given. I mean it's a strong emotion in the beginning and a real hard core committment further down the years come rain or shine. I'm so glad I can honestly say that I like you as well. I like you. I'm a lucky man that can still say that I genuinely like my wife. Happy birthday to you @siobhandeevy

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🎧🎧 some after-practice fun with the Yamaha EAD-10 #yamahaead10 here using the "Dirty" setting and maximum reverb halfway through 😜 #breakthroughdrummers #worshipdrummer .

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Seriously one of my favourite fills inspired by @vinniecolaiuta - I uploaded the slow breakdown of it on @worshipdrummer on the of July. It's easy once you repeat it many many times and get it into your muscles. #breakthroughdrummers #worshipdrummer #heartbeforebeat

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Setting sails!!! #worshipdrummer #heartbeforebeat #breakthroughdrummers

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Some days of rest with these ones. Sorry I missed the opportunity to reply promptly to many messages, I just didn't want to miss these moments here ❤️
Also - heart full and very thankful for last week #hillsongconf and all I was blessed to be a part of #worshipdrummer

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It's time. Full video on my YouTube channel (please help me out by subscribing - link in bio.) There's a special story to this one... I'll have to do a little video about it 😉 #breakthroughdrummmers #WorshipDrummer #HeartBeforeBeat

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I'm having 2 days totally off here but this was too good not to share. Well done @rod_burgos and @kapuprod >> I'm so encouraged - keep pushing, it's making a difference #breakthroughdrummmers
Regrann from @rod_burgos - This video goes beyond our skills, beyond our craft. This is our prayer, our passion, communicating what is in our hearts and what God is doing in us.
I've been so inspired by @rolfwamfjell and his movement through his hashtag #breakthroughdrummers

We can speak through our craft and use our passions for others, for their seasons and bring hope to their lives. All of us have a story and a gift and a life that happens in between, that we can share.

Don't wait for the perfect moment, or for the perfect time. Our present is the most genuine gift that we can bring.
Thank you @kapuprod for doing this with me. There are many more things to come!
#TheArtisanSpark #WorshipDrummer #Drums #Worship #Music #Prayer #Passion #DrumLanguage #DrumBeat #DrumHeart #Art #Inpiration #Hope #SpeakingLife #SundaySeat

See more of this video on my Youtube Channel - #regrann

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That alarm was early enough ❤️

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Got to celebrate this champion breakthrough drummer turning 18 tonight! Happy birthday Isaac!!! #breakthroughdrummmers

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Saturday morning, post-conference pancakes!!!!!!!! #relaxing

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Regrann from @worshipdrummer - It's Wednesday here in Sydney and we're half way through the insta takeover. I pray you're blessed by it 🙏❤️ Why don't you invite your drummer friends to join us for the next few days here at @worshipdrummer 👍😉 - #regrann

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