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Day 12 of No-Nut-November and I...I have not gained any superhuman powers like telekinesis or time travel because I lost on the first fucking day


Paul when someone is taking group pictures of The Beatles be like: 👁👄👁


Song of the day, Devo has been my favorite band for more than a year (thanks Courtney *squints*) and I’m pretty sure at this point they’re stuck with me forever


Thanks, fellas. I love and appreciate y’all. I know I keep disappearing/forgetting to post/forgetting to respond to DMs for personal reasons but I do appreciate you lot and the fact that you like my stupid memes.
Jag älskar ni, tack så mycket, mina vänner. ♥️♥️


Song of the day. Anyways so I need to swap the bandage on my arm burn but it hurts so much that I don’t even want to touch it to be honest. That and I’m tired of people asking what I wtf I accidentally cooked meself mate that’s all you need to know


I found an old picture deep in my phone of me in a dark highway-side McDonalds parking lot at 3 AM holding a huge luna moth


Another odd sort of day. I’ll go back to posting regularly soon, I promise. Song of the day.


Hey there fellas...things aren’t so well, sorry for forgetting to post. I’m too lazy to add the song of the day to this so I’ll just say for today it’s Zombie by the Cranberries. Goodnight lads and lasses, sleep well. Have a good day.
(meme credit to the original creator)


Two songs of the day since I missed yesterday...Hey Bulldog because it’s my fave Beat Boys song and it’s so much fun to play on bass and ICP because people don’t like me for liking ICP
Anyways how you doin guys? Happy Thursday/payday


Yer all valid and I love you #GiveYokoLoveSquad2018


Yoko wasn’t the reason the band broke up so can we delete that fucking accusation cause y’all don’t like her and wanna find something to blame her for. I’m still going to defend her. If you want straight facts then here it is: they broke up cause of MUSICAL DIFFERENCES . I know Yoko did some dumb shit but damn some of you are just...ugh. Sorry my first post today is a little negative but I’m just annoyed. Leave Yoko alone. I’m so tired of seeing so much misogyny from you goddamn fourteen year old Beatle stans because not only do y’all hate on Yoko, but you throw the same shit at the other wives/girlfriends and it’s ugly. (this picture has nothing to do with it, I just found it funny and have nothing good to post atm)


Me: *eating food that doesn’t taste good*
Me: this tastes like ass
Some fucking troglodyte five feet away ready to make an overused and unfunny joke: LOL how do u know what ass tastes like???????