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Thank you Poop Cat for speaking from your butt...er, heart. #asheville #12bonessmokehouse #poopcat #truth

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Step aside Daddy...I gotta get a couple sets of swings in real quick!

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Asheville, day 2: had lunch downtown then met some friends at Sierra Nevada and checked out the awesome new riverside venue that opened today. Pretty sweet. #adorbs

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Anniversary weekend in Asheville, Day 1 a success. Visited Highland Brewing, Burial (hangin with my 4 favorite people) and cruised downtown for a bit. Now rocking our first Airbnb ever. Good times.

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Happy Easter! Keira wearing the same outfit her cousin Addie wore for her first Easter 😍

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From this...to this...to this. Finally finished up the bench. Pretty stoked about how it turned out 😁 #oneofakind #diy #diyhomedecor #pipebench #pipefurniture #blackironpipe

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Merry #Crimpmas to all and to all, a good night!

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Look what we found under the 🌲 this morning! What a year...never thought I was missing anything in life but so glad she showed up and proved me wrong. We love you Keira. Thank you for choosing us little Carebear!

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Merry Christmas!

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🎁🎁🌲🎁🎁 Almost #santatime #firstchristmas

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Operation Santa was a success! No tears...there anyway. Now we have to work on the car seat freakouts. You would think her seat was lined with nails. Every. Time. Sheesh! #ironmaiden #santaclaus #firstchristmas #zoolights

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That Santa life.

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