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For those of you who follow my underwater photography or even my Wind & Water series, I'm separating my glass art and photography. To follow my underwater photography and glimpse my sources of inspiration, please see my new account at @shaynaleib_photography


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Shayna Leib
Talking Out Your Glass
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Transparent pieces are crazy hard. My brain hurts from them. See that long right panel? There's too drastic of a transition from light to dark that i need to correct. It involves breaking and busting up a section. I've only done this twice, but it'll bug me if i don't. And the crazy thing about it is that those "dark" pieces aren't dark at all. The angle of the cut glass can make the piece appear either darker or lighter than it is because you're viewing it on end. It's enough to make you want to rip your hair out.
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Cast glass and ceramic key lime pie. As simple as this desert seems, all the parts had to be made 2 or three times. The ceramic base plate kept bowing during firing. The key lime body had its own problems, the candied lime got remade due to cracking, and the frosting is one of 4 that I made to test out designs. By far one of the most lengthy pieces I've made which looks simple #glassart #glassdessert #glassofig #ceramicofig set for exhibit at #fondationbernardaud


Cheers to 2019 with a #glass #gummybear #martini with #lamporked #borosilicate #fruit to be on display in June in France at the Fondation Bernardaud in #limoges


These #chocolatecoveredcherries🍒 were one of the more fun desserts in the series. Once I worked out the technique they came along nicely, however lampworking borosilicate on a minor bench burner sometimes takes a little longer when you're fighting against boiling colors and balancing it with enough overall heat. Happy Wednesday! #minorburner #borosilicate #ceramic plate and #metal stems. #glassdessert #glassofig


#americandessert #ceramic #icecreamsandwich with #glass chocolate chips. Happy Sunday!


I work with a lot of materials and have to admit, I'm not a purist. Each material is really good at something, and really crappy at other things. It's a fun challenge for me to figure out which one is best for the job. In this case, citrus fruit really needed to be made out of glass and the popsicle form out of resin. This was probably the most fun of all the desserts. (Some are maddening) Left to right: mixed fruit, lemon lime creamsicle, berries and cream, blood orange, and gummy bear lemonade and cream #glassofig #resinart


When it came time to create the bite out of the ceramic bunnies, nothing looked as real as real teeth. So I bit the ear off one and the butt off another. #ceramicofig #ceramics #glassart #ceramicfood


Anyone recognize this American dessert from their childhood, or the Sizzler salad bar? #glass #ceramic #glassofig #ceramicofig


For those of you who follow my other work, i haven't forgotten about you, and i promise to post some Wind and Water series pics soon! This is borosilicate and soft glass candy from the American series From left to right: green gummy bears, jaw breakers, candy corn, gum drops. The French series has its own counterpart with ceramic bon bons. #lampworking #yesimadeeverything #glassofig #torchwork #northstar #effetre #creationismessy #borosilicate