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This might be my favorite #tacotuesday ever. @taquizatacos is a must when you’re in Miami. The barbacoa was so rich and tender, you could put it on a flip flop and it would still taste good. The cheesy, crunchy elote on the side, washed down with a was instant joy. All of it. Stay tuned for more...☀️🌮🌴🐷 #taquizatacos #miamibeach #skinnypignyc #tacos


Sunday’s are for sauce. Or for brunch. Or both, if you believe in goal-setting. This spicy radiatore pasta from @oldrosenyc has a nice, slow heat that gets subdued by that glorious dollop of ricotta on top. And now, we say, amen 🙏🏻🤤🍝🐷 #Sunday #pasta #skinnypignyc #oldrosenyc


BUFFALO CHICKEN FRIES BC #FRYDAY. Courtesy of @fryguysnyc. Also got some cheesy bacon tots in the back bc tots need love too. I’m leaving for the sunshine state today and I can’t wait bc my pasty face def needs some Vitamin D son. And I heard fries do wonders for the bikini bod. K bai love you mean it. 🌞🍟✌🏻🐷 #fryguysnyc #fries #skinnypignyc #bai


Happy Valentines’s Day from me and @mancrates! This is the Whiskey Crate and it is a great gift despite how much elbow grease is needed to open it. Special thanks to @andrewzarian for helping me out. WE ALL KNOW I LOOSENED IT. 💪🏼🖤


#TruffleTuesday is just as fun as #TacoTuesday. Especially at @lapecorabianca where their handmade pasta makes me feel things.
STORYTIME: the other day, someone asked me what truffles were and I said they’re “a certain fungi” with a distinct aroma and earthy taste. This didn’t help anyone, so I googled it and decided 90% of it was barely English so I shared a fun fact instead.
Did you know that the word truffle comes from the Latin term “tuber”? Which means “swelling” or “lump”? Over time it developed into “tufer” and eventually became “truffle”, amongst many other spellings, depending on the region you’re in.
Idk I just thought this was interesting because NOW it kinda sounds like we’re eating tumors of a fungus plant. Delicious tumors, but still. Happy Tuesday 😝🐷 #themoreyouknow🌈 #lapecorabianca #skinnypignyc #truffles


Welp, I did it. Sort of. I tried the @fuegobox #ChocoChallenge made with the hottest pepper in the world, the “Black Reaper”. I definitely couldn’t eat the whole thing, and took way too big of a bite that got lodged in my throat. Good times. Pro tip: chicken doesn’t help. For every bar sold, $5 goes to the Prostate Cancer Foundation! #fuegobox #chocolate #skinnypignyc 🙌🏼🔥🍫🐷


If it has a runny egg, it’s brunch. I also realized that I haven’t posted pasta in a while so I wanted to fix that ASAP. This cavatelli cauliflower carbonara from @legaseany gets an A+ for taste and A++ for alliteration. Happy Sunday fam 🙌🏼🍝🐷 #legaseany #cavatelli #skinnypignyc #pasta #sunday


You thought I was gonna let #nationalpizzaday go by without throwing out the most obvious pizza-thirst-trap photo to ever exist? Fuck outta here. Hat courtesy of @pizzalovesemily ✌🏻😜🍕 #pizza #🍕❤️E #skinnypignyc #pizzafloatie


The hype is real for this sweet potato pancake at @ferrisnewyork. If you’re sitting there thinking “it’s just one pancake. Who the fuck eats just one pancake?” Let me explain something to you. Champions do. That’s who. This pancake weighs about as much as a small dog. It’s also got 2 cows worth of butter on top. So now that we’re done with baking measurements for the insane, I suggest you stop asking questions and just try it. 😜🥞🐷 #ferrisnewyork #pancakes #skinnypignyc #butter


I may not be a fan of Valentine’s Day, but I AM a fan of my cheekbones in this photo and cheesy pretzels coated in crushed Flaming Hot Doritos. Meet the “Hearts on Fire” pretzel from @clintonhallny. I duno if that’s a play on all the antacids you’d need after eating it but whatever. Those who pig out together stay together and most likely die of heart attacks together. It’s romantic. 🖤🔥🥨🐷 #clintonhallny #valentinesday #skinnypignyc #heartsonfire


You can file this under: things I want to wrap myself in. Simple and delicious. Prosciutto from @fiaschetteriapistoia. If you can pronounce that on the first try I’ll give you a prize. Just kidding I have no prize...may I interest you in a sarcastic comment? 📸: my fab intern @nycollegebites 👏🏻😜🐷 #fiaschetteriapistoia #prosciutto #skinnypignyc #nycollegebites


I’m sitting in bed drinking “Bedtime” tea and it’s 7:30 pm. And that’s still more exciting than the Super Bowl was. 🏈 Unrelated, but have you tried this beauty from @mamas_too?? I recommend you make the trip up there because if this photo doesn’t make you drool on yourself, you probably need to see someone about that. Don’t sleep on their regular slice either - reminiscent of Di Fara and Totonnos 😋🍕🐷 #mamastoo #pizza #skinnypignyc #monday