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Now that’s a big shark! 🦈 Freediving with a massive Great White. @Oceanramsey "Beyond magic! Please #helpsavesharks Incredible swimming with “Deep Blue” one of the largest great white s for hour! Just using our @oneoceandiving boat as a scratching post, so mellow and beautiful. Help ban the purposeful killing of sharks and rays with @oneoceanconservation this year & in your local/international community AHHHHHHMAZING!!!! #Beyondwords still out to sea/going back in vid shot by @oneoceandiving Shark specialist & my amazing #seaster @mermaid_kayleigh out with @juansharks @forrest.in.focus @camgrantphotography @oneoceanresearch"


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‼️WAIT for it...‼️😲 This strange creature is called a “gulper eel.” Its mouth can open very wide to swallow things that are larger than the eel. It can also stretch its stomach to accommodate a lot of food. 🍽 Normally gulper eels remain in the bathypelagic zone of the sea which is 4,000 – 26,000 feet deep where sunlight cannot reach. Hence it is considered as a mysterious fish. It makes you wonder all the mysteries that remain in the deepest parts of our ocean! 📹 by @nautiluslive via @oceanarmor 🤙


“No matter where in the world, any deep underwater cliff is a spot I’m curious about exploring. The imposing volcanic structures of Azores marine landscape is known for its breathtaking drops. This is one of my favorite spots in Pico Island to play the waiting game. A vertical wall descending from 70ft to 200ft not far from shore. It isn’t the most fishy spot but it is where the unexpected happens. Below on that ledge, focusing on the fact that anything can happen ledge pulls me into a powerful state of presence, a rare feeling I constantly seek. As I hold on to it for as long as my lungs have air, sometimes, just sometimes, something really unexpected does happen and it’s just enough to keep that ledge as a special place. A place where I know I can go grab the magic whenever I can’t find it elsewhere”@_pauloafonso_
Photo by @djstruntz


Wild tiger shark encounter captured by @_bl4keeee 🦈 Tag someone who would need a new wetsuit! 💩


Such a breathtaking shark! I just can’t get over that sinuous languid tail motion. It’s like a seasnake attached to a sharks body!

Amazing video by @fuvahmulahdiveschool