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NEW YORK FRIENDS! (And visitors!) Join SSD + adoptable doggies at rag & bone shop for a special adoption event! We'll be promoting adoptable senior doggies AND rag & bone is giving us 15% of their profits from that day. WHOOP, WHOOP! Bonus: brand spankin’ new dog shirts will be for sale! (SWIPE ➡️ for preview.) The same event held last spring season was very successful and we hope to have the same results this go around. PLEASE SHARE to help us get the word out! And we hope to meet many new faces!! When: Saturday, November 10th, 1-4PM
Where: @ragandbone, SoHo ❤️ #seniordogs #adoption #adoptionevent #dogs #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) WILMINGTON, NC: Oh, sweet pea! We're trying for you! 9 year old Anna Mae is considered "urgent" at her shelter due to her age and being heartworm positive (a condition that is very treatable, but takes time). Anna Mae was abandoned at some point in her life and was found living on the grounds of an old school. She feels unwanted - and sadly, she currently is unwanted - and we're here to help her find her forever person. To find someone to want her! PLEASE SHARE! 🌊💙 Scotland County Humane Society wrote, "Anna Mae was living at an old school and some people were feeding her daily. It is believed the original owner dumped her there. And Animal Control brought her in as a stray.

Anna Mae has a sweet calm personality and has gotten along with all the other dogs we tested her with. She passed her cat test too! She is leash trained and would enjoy slow walks. She is #affectionate and likes a good lap to lay across. And she is well past the puppy crazies!
We think Anna Mae would do well as a companion to a dog or cat, or as an only dog. If you know someone who recently lost an elder four legged companion, we think Anna Mae would be a good fit! She is super sweet.
Anna Mae weighs 50lbs and is heartworm positive. Because of her age and heartworm status, she is 'at risk' at the shelter." To adopt Anna Mae, please email Melinda at with any questions or to apply!

@schsnc is located at 1401 West Boulevard, #Laurinburg, #NC.

Adoption hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11AM to 3:30PM and Saturday from 1PM to 3PM. ❤️ #seniordog #northcarolina #adoption #dog #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) MIAMI, FL: Cooper isn't the "life of the party" kind of fella. And that's the beautiful thing about him. Unfortunately, nobody has noticed this shy boy and he's been living at the shelter for the last six years. Adopters' attention goes to the young dogs, the outgoing dogs...basically, the opposite of Cooper. And yet he's so very wonderful! People are missing out! Cooper is an easygoing guy who yearns for a simple lifestyle. He just needs somebody to notice him, that's all. PLEASE SHARE!
A shelter volunteer wrote, "Cooper was surrendered to the shelter after his owner passed away. Cooper is 10 years old and he is such a wonderful dog, he will make a very loyal companion!
Cooper is affectionate, friendly and has a soft and gentle demeanor. He always appreciates any attention given to him. He is calm, easy going, and has a low to moderate energy level. He can be a little shy and reserved at first but after you spend some time with him you can tell that he really wants to be loved.
Due to the fact that Cooper is a little shy with new people, he has been at the shelter for 6 years since most adopters prefer outgoing and younger dogs. He is currently sharing his kennel with another easygoing female mate and they get along very well. He will do best with a dog who has a similar laid back personality, or he will be fine as an only dog. Cooper is not very demanding and is looking for that special person or family who can take him home and give him a comfy bed.

It's a small shelter so transport is not available - adopters will need to drive to the shelter to adopt Cooper in person." To adopt Cooper, please email with questions or to set up a meet-and-greet.
@bornfreepetshelter is located in #Homestead, #Florida - near #Miami, FL. Shelter visits are by appointment. ❤️ #seniordog #adoptme #shy #reserved #adoption #adopt #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

AUSTIN, TX: We're going for round FIVE here on SSD for 8 year old Leroy. This big boy is really having a tough time finding any kind of solid adoption interest. Prior to his SSD postings, Leroy actually received zero attention whatsoever. He is located at a very busy, high volume shelter in Austin and weighs 95 pounds - both factors make him almost invisible to adopters, who keep passing him over. A concrete kennel is no way for any dog to live, especially not for a senior. It's a very sad situation for Leroy. So, we push harder!! PLEASE SHARE!!! 😭😭😭😭 @austinpetsalive wrote, "Leroy is a big guy who gets ZERO attention at the shelter. He's in one of our larger kennels to accommodate his size but it's still a kennel which isn't ideal for this sweet, old man. Plus it's in a back corner that people don't always notice.
When other dogs Leroy's age are mostly interested in the couch, Leroy still loves toys, loves playing fetch, and still gets the zoomies around the yard! He loves his toys and enjoys picking a toy out of the chest each day. Not that he doesn't appreciate the couch. A lot. His signature move is to lay a big sloppy kiss on you and then run away as if you wouldn't know it was him.

For all his goofiness and affection, Leroy can be a bit nervous with new people. But you won't have any trouble knowing when you've earned his trust (see: big sloppy kisses). Treats are the quickest way to win his heart and mind.

Leroy needs a low traffic home (without stairs). He could go in a home with older kids and/or well matched dog. He is heartworm positive but treatment will be through APA so a local adopter would be ideal." To adopt Leroy, please email with any questions or to apply!

@austinpetsalive is located at 1156 W Cesar Chavez Street, #Austin, #TX. ❤️ #seniordog #struggling #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

Snickers is afraid of thunderstorms and had to endure them alone at the shelter. Thankfully, that's no longer!! Snickers got ADOPTED!! ⛈🌈❤️ 9 year old Snickers was surrendered because her family said it wasn't working out with their kids. Sometimes life doesn't go as we hope, and that's especially hard during retirement years. But Snickers has found herself a retirement life better than anything should could have hoped for. She found two people who fell in love with her at first sight and immediately started their journey to happily-ever-after!
@agcentola wrote, "My husband and I had both been on opposite ends when I came to getting a dog: he wanted a puppy and I wanted to adopt a senior from the shelter. We both had our valid reasoning and when Snickers came up on SSD I’m pretty sure we talked through the possibility of her in our home to death. After some time, my husband agreed to make the 3 hours trip to go visit her in Naples.

When the volunteers brought sweet Snicks into the kennel to meet us, we were smitten even though Snickers didn’t give us much attention. Four months in a shelter will desensitize a pup to outside people unless they’re the people who have treats and feed them regularly. We searched for reasons not to adopt her and couldn’t find any. We knew in our hearts that Snickers was meant to be.

Snickers has been very patient with us as we all adjust. She’s very well trained and has even made some children and doggie friends in our complex. We’ve cuddled out our first few thunderstorms together (#FloridaHurricainSeason) and have created a safe space for her in case storms happen when we aren’t home.
Right now she has an upset tummy from the stress of transitioning and the newness of everything; but the vet and shelter volunteer have given us great guidance and Snickers is still her happy cuddly self. Snickers is truly the BEST dog, we can’t imagine why she was ever surrendered. But as someone said in the comments of Snicker’s original post: their loss is our beautiful gain. We are forever grateful to the angels who volunteer at CDAS for keeping our Snickers safe until we could connect.” ❤️ #seniordog #homesweethome #adopted

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Susie's Senior Dogs

(near) DAYTON, OH: 8 year old Dino is a quiet intellectual with a softness about him. Dino isn't the in-your-face, attention seeking guy. He waits for the right moment and then appropriately asserts his charm. He hasn't always had the best life, but he'll knock your socks off with how wonderful is. And you'll always wonder why he wasn't always cherished (prior to finding you, of course!). Dino is still waiting for his special adopter to come along and he needs help getting his story out there. He's a good soul with a heart of gold! PLEASE SHARE! 🐅🐕🐅 American Lurcher Project wrote, "Meet Dino, charmer extraordinaire. He had been abandoned in a shed and he is just now learning about love and trusting people. He has been with us for 2.5 months and he has been boarding the entire time.
Dino is looking for a long-term relationship with a loving human. This smart and handsome #brindle boy so wants to please and bond with a loving person. He would be thrilled to have a big comfy bed to lay on! Dino is starting to do little play bows. He has great ears and is a sweet and gentle boy. He needs someone to help exercise him appropriately for his age and keep him mobile. Dino is incredibly smart and learns the household routine quickly. His crate is always clean. Once he has a family that can devote time to him, he will do nothing but thrive. He does very well with other dogs. (No kitties, please.) Dino is a #greyhound / #coonhound mix and weighs approximately 60 pounds. He has some joint/arthritis issues, but loves, loves, loves short walks and will greet you with a tail wag! He needs someone who can provide a soft bed, joint supplements, good food, moderate exercise, and lots of LOVE!

We would prefer a home in #Ohio or a neighboring state. The American Lurcher Project can assist with transport. We do home visits and and also check references." To adopt Dino, please email to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #soulful #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

"It has been over two months since the love of my life and the heart and soul of our household crossed over the rainbow bridge. It was unexpected and I have struggled with accepting this and the thought of saying goodbye continues to take my breath away. But I could not properly honor Eva's life, her legacy and the most love/perfection ever wrapped up into 13.2 pounds, if I did not share her passing with this amazing page and my personal favorite page on social media. Susie’s Seniors Dogs was so amazing to share her story when I submitted it back in April of 2017 and she received such an outpouring of love, shares, likes and comments that I felt it appropriate to share of her passing.
Eva came into our life by way of a Facebook message as I had expressed interest in fostering for the amazing rescue @petsandpeoplehumanesociety. It's all of kind of a blur to me now as we fell in love so hard and so fast with her that nothing else really matters. We did take her up to the shelter a few times for the weekend for potential adopters but if you devout followers remember; my boyfriend Raymond provided her official adoption fee to me for Valentine’s day of 2017.
She went through so many changes in 2.5 years. For quite some time, I spooned her almost every single night because she would wake and would come to the side of the bed for me to pick up and put her in bed with me. For the first year, she would flip during storms but that too went away. Almost like she was saying 'Okay, I know you guys will take care of me, I don’t need to worry.' Over time, she became oh-so-content that she slept on her own and preferred it that way.
I can thank also thank her for a lifelong connection with the shelter/rescue I adopted her from and will be forever in debt for them entrusting me to love her. They have given us such an outpouring of love and support since her passing that I cannot even put into words. That’s so Eva though. Such a tiny body but created huge amounts of love to all that met her.
Eva’s mom (Mary)" ❤️ #seniordog

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Susie's Senior Dogs

LAGUNA BEACH, CA: 11 year old Sassy is still single, and she's looking for more than just a mingle! Sassy has received a few messages on the dating scene, but it stops there. She still hasn't found a committed match. Sassy needs someone who is looking for a serious, long-term relationship. And she needs someone to come meet her at her shelter and adopt in person. Sassy may be of the "the personals" era, but she needs a modern day dating miracle! PLEASE SHARE! 🌹🌹🌹 @lagunabeachanimalshelter wrote, "11 year old Sassy was found abandoned in a box at the shelter. Unfortunately, because of her age, she's not getting much interest even though she really tries by being friendly to anyone who walks by!

Sassy is very sweet and happy-go-lucky with people. She loves any attention she can get, and really just wants to be near people. She does fine on walks because she wants to go wherever you go! And she has no teeth, but that doesn't dampen her smile! Other than being toothless, she has no medical issues that the shelter is aware of, nor is she on any medications.

Sassy LOVES people, but dogs not so much. It's possible she can live with another dog, given the right dog. We could certainly try an introduction if an applicant has a non-reactive dog. Sassy would likely bark at a cat initially, but that’s it. Very unlikely she would be aggressive in any way.

Laguna Beach Animal Shelter does not do out-of-area adoptions. Interested parties must apply in person at the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter. No same-day adoptions and all members of the household must visit." To adopt Sassy, please email with questions or to apply!

@lagunabeachanimalshelter is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Road, #LagunaBeach, #CA. ❤️ #seniordog #single #lookingforlove #datingscene #adoptme #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

There is definitely something gloriously infantile about old age. In all of us. ☀️🙂 #myoldman #chasingthesun #seniordog

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Susie's Senior Dogs

HOPKINTON, MA: How precious is Jonah?! This little 9 pound cutie was so severely matted upon intake that a bath and brushing wouldn't do - he needed his fur entirely shaved off. While Jonah has been able to physically lose the evidence of his past life, his kind heart remains a little bruised. He is a gentle boy who needs an equally gentle home. Someone to cherish and love him for all the rest of his days. Jonah is ready to love and to be loved, just like he's always deserved. PLEASE SHARE! 💚💜💚 @browndog_coalition wrote, "We'd so appreciate any help with finding sweet 10-year-old Jonah a home. This poor old soul was brought into our partner shelter covered in mats. Our volunteers spent 2 hours trying to bathe and shave him, and he ultimately needed some professional grooming to clean up his haircut. He needed a dental and had to have all of his teeth pulled but one bottom tooth. He was so patient through it all and after he was so thankful. He was wagging his little tail and is the perfect pup to hold but is a little old man who probably hasn't had a kind life and needs a safe, loving and understanding home to adopt him.
Jonah is a 10 year old, 9 pound Maltese mix. He enjoys a low key environment, a short walk or two per day, and a person or people to snuggle up to. Jonah is refreshing his house training skills, is crate and leash trained, has met older kids, other dogs, and cats. With those interactions under his belt, he's decided he prefers older, respectful kids, canine savvy cats, and dogs of similar energy level. Aside from that, Jonah hopes to find a home that will spend lots of quality time with him, doesn't mind feeding him soft food (he only has one tooth!), and will dote on him like he deserves.
Jonah is available to meet in Hopkinton, MA by appointment. We are unable to transport dogs but have a pretty wide adoption radius for those who are within driving distance to #Hopkinton, #MA." To adopt Jonah, please email with any questions or to apply! ❤️ #seniordog #massachusetts

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Susie's Senior Dogs

It was definitely worth the wait! 8 year old Jilly got ADOPTED!! 🚙🏡💓 Jilly had been hanging around in a boarding facility and then foster care for several months. She's had a rough past, much of which is unknown. She had been found in a neglected state - underweight, covered in fleas and ticks, and she somehow lost one of her legs. Thankfully, Jilly was fully vetted and taken care of by the wonderful rescue called @adoptagolden_bham, but she had a tough time finding a forever home. Everything changed when Jilly's new parents flew from New Jersey to Alabama to pick her up, and then all drive home together. From unwanted to oh-so-loved, it's a very happy-tail for Jilly!

Gayeann wrote, "Jillie is a wonderful dog! She is so sweet and calm. She is a bit leery of our four cats (especially Tres, who has 3 legs too). They really want to meet her up close. Our beagle/bassett TJ, who recently passed, let the cats sleep with him. It's probably not going to happen for awhile for Jillie. She barks at them if they come to close to her. But it's all good!
Here is a picture of our daughter, Taylor, with Jillie. Taylor found her on your site! And one of Jillie in the car on the way back to New Jersey from Alabama. She was a trooper (14 hours due to that big accident on Route 81!)" ❤️ #seniordog #adopted #family #roadtrip #adoption #adoptdontshop

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Susie's Senior Dogs

"My name is Kim and I've been following your Instagram page for about a year, and I wanted to share my success story with you of adopting my senior dog, Scruffy. I never had a dog growing up and decided in my 30's I wanted to adopt one. I wanted to adopt a senior dog for a few reasons: 1. I didn't want to train a puppy, and 2. they never seem to get picked. 😔
I adopted Scruffy, a 14 year old Carin Terrier, in February of this year and I'm here to say that adopting a senior dog is one of the best decisions I ever made! He is already trained and loves little walks, watching tv with me, and naps. He's so sweet and calm and was quickly upgraded to sleeping in my bed. 😃 I understand people don't want seniors because they know they will have a shorter amount of time with them, but whatever time Scruffy has left, I'm sure he's as happy to spend it with me as I am to spend it with him. So if anyone out there is considering adopting a senior, you won't regret it!
Scruffy has an instagram (of course) so you can check him out here: @itsmescruffyv

Thanks! -Kim" ❤️ #seniordog #scruffydog #toocute #adoptdontshop

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