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The best lyrics from Lil Wayne 👑🐐
“And next time you mention Pac, Biggie, or Jay Z
Don't forget Weezy baby!”

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Demolition Freestyle Part 1 or Part 2? I personally prefer D2 over D1 because of the beat and Wayne’s flow, but I would say D1 is more lyrical.


LSD- Genius remix (Feat. Lil Wayne)
“Wayne relentlessly strings together a dense multi-syllable rhyme scheme showcasing his genius wordplay.” ~ Genius
If anyone says “Wayne lost it”, show them these lyrics. Wayne gets better (lyrically) every year. No one is touching him 🐐🔥


Tha Carter 1- Tha Heat
What’s Wayne’s most aggressive/violent bar? Where do you rank C1?


Wayne’s discography is being erased forever but you’re allowed to pick 3 songs that you can listen to. Which ones are they?


*Dedication 2 is THE greatest mixtape of all time*
Wayne shows his technical ability more on D2 than on any other project with his amazing rhymes schemes, punchlines and wordplay. Songs like Georgia Bush, Cannon, Get Em and No Other are what put Dedication 2 above any other mixtape.
Do you agree or disagree, and why?


The Leak- Kush


Gudda Gudda- Demolition Freestyle Part 1 (Feat. Lil Wayne)


I love all these songs and it’s so hard to choose but which ROW is the best?


Tha Carter 2- Hustler Musik


I tried making this pretty hard. ldk if I did, but what do y’all think? 🤔 I’ll do more of these but instead of projects, I’ll do features/verses/songs etc.


Mula Gang or Pull Up?
What’s Wayne’s quickest verse?


Solange- Mad Feat. Lil Wayne
Who says Wayne doesn’t have any substance?🖕
What’s your favorite Wayne feature?