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Mum I love cuddling u so much also completely unrelated what’s for supper? Crumpets? Tea n toast? How many slices will I get? Do u haz de biscuits I like? What about milk can I get some milk? #somanyquestions #zeroanswers


Mum I’ve been finking and I want to give my new venture idea a go. Huge shed near de city made into a cafe in de front and kennels in de back. Cafe is v v lovely w all de delicious treats and people enjoy coming there to meet friends, plug in their laptops or just have a quick bite. Coffee and food sales pay to run de kennels which house de stray/rescue dogs of dat city. Dogs only sleep in kennels but at all other times are allowed to roam free in de cafe being loved on by customers and even sharing their croissants. Local businesses donate dog washing and v cute clothes/bandannas to keep de cafe doggo clean n classy. There’ll be a lounge/floor pillow section for customers dat love a good doggo snugglin and there’ll be vending machines filled w dog toys and treats for customers to buy treats for their fave pal. If de customer loves a doggy enough they can pay an additional fee to take de doggy home for good.
Show of hands who would visit dis cafe every day? I’ll go to de bank later to get funding. Darren xo


Gimme de cookies and nobody gets hurt 🐺👵🏻


Mum says I’m a bit of a butt scratch floozy I don’t disagree tbh


(Sing along in little mermaid tune)
Look at dis blanket, isn't it neat?
Wouldn't u fink my collections complete? Wouldn't u fink I'm a dog, a dog who has everything?
I got dog treats and stuffed toys a plenty, I got cuddles and belly rubs galore.
Bones in the garden? I got twenty.
But who carrresssss, no big deaaaaalllll, I want mooooreeeee.
I wanna eat what de humans eat, I wanna taste, wanna taste dat chocolate. Eat every night at those, what do u call them? restaurants.
I wanna order it all on de menu, I wanna taste, wanna taste sensations. Pay for it all with my, what do u call it? Credit card.
Out where they eat, out where they munch, out where they spend all day at de brunch
Lunch until tea, wish I could be, part of dat worrrrrrlllldddd


Ladies, if a guy was to wrap himself up in a box w roses and balloons and leave himself on ur doorstep for valentines would u be swept off ur feet and accept or no? Asking for a friend.... 🐶🌹♥️ Darren


Mum says I’m de only one she wants for valentines. Dad was sitting right dere when she said it. Awkies 🌹♥️ #staffylove #valentinesday #dogsofinstagram


Paula darling, I appreciate ur chef is new here n don’t fink I’m mad at u but deres a pancake missing here and I don’t wanna have to withhold belly rubs from u at de end when we both know ur gonna be expecting to give me dem. U know de drill. I’ll make a start and u can bring out de other one when it’s ready.


Hai friend hello. Just wanted to give u a little note to take life less seriously today. U haz a fun side, so be fun today! Make someone laugh by being ur true goofy headed dork self. I know u haz a goober side, and u know it too. So my challenge to u RIGHT now where ever u are is to try make de person next to u smile or laugh. U get half a point for a smile and a full point for a laugh. 2 points if u get em to ugly snort laugh.
We overheard some humans saying once dat fings are stressful, life is hard, and being positive day to day can be tough.
So, for just 5 minutes why not remove all dat pressure from ur self and goob it up. Some will have to dig deep. Others will start bucking like a chicken at their desk right now. What ever ur level of crazy is, bring it out. Crazy is good!! Ur day will be instantly happier we promise. 💗💗💗💗💗 urs sincerely, goober experts and full time dorks, Darren and Phillip


Next time it’s national pizza day can we pls make sure Phillip is LAST in de line up to get a slice!! U better order me another one!! Darren


🔈 Debut single bout to drop soon make sure u stream it on pupify to support ur boy #PLEASEPETME


‘Smiling’ for two v different reasons.

Darren: OMG I love everyfing I love running I love de ball I love exercise today is de greatest in history of days!
Me: It look like I’m smiling bc I’m puffed out from being forced to run I hate my life we live in a cruel cruel world plotting my revenge as we speak. Phillip