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Sunrise on the Rita Blanca National Grasslands | Photo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez)
I’m excited to announce a photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado May 19-24. Details Below

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Stephen Alvarez Ranchlands Camp, Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado May 19-24
This spring 2019, Stephen will lead an immersive photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch. Spend a week exploring photography, wildlife and the subtle landscape of the high prairie. The workshop will be a deep dive into ways of seeing the lifecycle of an 87,000 acre working ranch. Discover and hone your vision through tailored assignments, group and individual image reviews all while basking in the tranquility and hospitality of Chico Basin Ranch.
Cost: $2,995 pp includes all meals, activities, and private furnished tent. For details or to book contact

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Photo by @irablockphoto // A view of downtown Manhattan and One World Trade Center from Governors Island. The tents on Governors Island are the @CollectiveRetreats , an area where people can have a luxurious camping experience – Glamping. You can go to sleep at night seeing the stars, and wakeup in the morning with views of the Statue and Liberty and lower Manhattan.

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Photo by @anniegriffithsphotography. Bahrain, Al Fateh Grand Mosque.
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Photo by @andyparkinsonphoto / Kamchatka bear close up – It’s been almost a month now since I last posted a close up of one of my favourite bears, it’s old snaggletooth himself, Toothy! This lovely bear came and settled down quite close to where we were sitting quietly and though he could not have posed any better he was to say the least a bit of a fidgety wriggler. He couldn’t quite seem to find the perfect pose in which to relax and so, fortunately for me, he decided to run through a whole range of different poses, all on the same rock and all about 5 feet from where I sat. During my time in Russia I must admit that I developed something of a foot fetish, a passion for paws if you will and I never tired of trying to crowbar them into my images. They were just so magnificent, so compelling that I did become a little obsessed, even fixated on them as they just seemed to anchor so many images, their presence often being the make or break between a mediocre or a strong image. Here, even though the paw does look a little clumsy and awkward Toothy has managed to use it to frame his face quite nicely and whilst I would never actively seek to include drool in my images I can forgive him this momentary salivation. You might think that as he was looking directly at me that he was contemplating the prospect of a different kind of meal, something a little larger and perhaps more substantial. However, underneath the layers of clothing he would have been most disappointed to have found only my spindly chicken legs, cursed as I have been by my defective maternal genes they’d be little more than a toothpick to this mighty bear. Toothy knew better I feel and given the choice between another wet fish or enduring my girlish screams he chose wisely and continued with his Vogue-ish posing. He is indeed a mighty fine bear. If you fancy joining me next July to come and meet Toothy the just hit the link in my bio for the trip-of-a-lifetime! Please #followme at @andyparkinsonphoto

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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // Upon entering Scoresbysund, thick sea fog surrounded the coast of Greenland and hampered our view of Ittoqqortoormiit. Everyone was on deck watching out for icebergs. Apparently you can smell them! Well that’s what Andre (11yr), the eldest boy of the Schwörer family told me, seen here standing alert at the bow of the boat. Every so often Andre would shout out “ICEBERG two o’clock” or “ICEBERG ten o’clock” and point with his arm in the direction of the iceberg. The eerie silence and the fog made it feel like a colder version of Pirates of the Caribbean. @greenland_caves #EAGRE18

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Photo by @randyolson // The recent news about musicians swaying politics, rappers in the White House and tortured/killed opposition voices reminds me of Bobi Wine. Bobi is the self-proclaimed “Ghetto President” of Uganda and is popular for both music and free speech… which can be powerful (and dangerous) in any place with dictators. When I met Bobi in 2010 for an @natgeo story. I followed him through Kampala and he was hugely popular… everyone stopped him on the streets… his music resonated with young people… half of Uganda was under the age of 15. He was considering running for parliament. He was elected MP in 2017. He ran on lyrics like this: “When our leaders have become misleaders and mentors have become tormentors. When freedom of expression becomes the target of oppression, opposition becomes our position.” He was subsequently charged with treason and tortured. He’s recently returned to Uganda after receiving medical treatment in USA for injuries suffered while imprisoned. To read about his fight against Museveni… search BBC, Bobi Wine, Torture. #bobiwine #freedomofspeech #dictators @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #uganda

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Photograph by @camdavidsonphoto // The Battery and lower Manhattan in the early evening. Part of a multi-year project on photographing New York city at night. I started way back in 2008 when high ISO images were not very good. It is amazing how far camera capabilities have come in ten years. Now I can shoot at ISO 6400 and get perfectly clear and almost noiseless images. To see more of my aerial and location photography, please follow me: @camdavidsonphoto #aerialnyc #aerialphoto #newyorkcity #aerialphoto #aerialphotography #nikond5 #bnwphotography #bnw_captures #bnw_creatives

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Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz Aerial view of the southern portion of the south lake of the Dead Sea, where waters stained brown with Potassium Sulfite cascade from one evaporation pond to another on their way to the potash plant of the Dead Sea Works in Israel. The Dead Sea Works' primary product is potash used as a component in agricultural fertilizer.

To see more of our earth from above, follow @geosteinmetz

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Photo by @joemcnallyphoto. Fall has officially arrived in #NYC and the air has cleared out from the summer dog days of August. Heading out this week to historic #EllisIsland this week. I shot the restoration of the island for @natgeo as it metamorphosed from a ruined hulk in the harbor into a preeminent national monument in the late 80’s. Shot from the air with a 617 panorama style camera on 120 film, early morning, NY harbor. #harbor #panorama #history #aerialphotography #nyc #newyork

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Photo by @randyolson // Soft drink delivery arrives in plastic waste sorting area of Baseco slums in Manila, Philippines. "Coca-Cola led all companies in global plastic pollution, while Nestlé claimed the dubious honor of being the worst plastic polluter in the United States, according to NGO Break Free From Plastic, whose member organizations collected data from 239 cleanups and brand audits worldwide to determine which corporations' trash most often washed up on beaches or clogged waterways. The movement says nearly 1,300 groups have joined the cause demanding massive reductions in single-use plastic.” From story on #plasticorplanet #plasticwaste #plastic @natgeocreative @thephotosociety

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Photo by @jim_sugar | The San Jose International Short Film Festivalselected the film The Return of Harbor Porpoises to San Francisco Baythat I made with Dr. Jonathan Stern and edited with Jesica Sison for screening at their 2018 film festival. To my enormous regret, Dr. Stern died the same week that Jesica and I finished the edit. He never saw the final version of the film.
The film tells the good news story about the unintended consequences of what occurs when people clean up a large body of water like San Francisco Bay. The harbor porpoises, which had disappeared by the end of World War II, returned as the Save the Bay Foundation led the clean-up of the water.
The San Jose Film Festival will screen the film on Sunday October 14th at the CineArts Theatre @ Santana Row in San Jose @ 2:30 P.M
Walking out on the east side of the Golden Gate Bridge provides a great opportunity to view wild harbor porpoises during a tide change. It is as much fun as going on safari in the Serengeti--but a lot less expensive. And such an experience did not exist until Dr. Stern made his discovery seven years ago.
If you are in the neighborhood on Sunday, October 14th, c’mon down and watch some great movies.
@natgeocreative @thePhotoSociety ©2018jimsugar #goldengatebridge #harborporpoises#sanfrancisco #goldengatebridge


@SavetheBay Foundation

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Photograph by @andyparkinsonphoto/@thephotosociety
Mute swan and cygnet – An adult cradles her new-born cygnet in her expansive plumage, there can be no safer place on Earth for an infant baby. Ferociously protective I have seen these swans endure their fair share of heartbreak. This was the only cygnet that hatched this year, the year before none did. Watching her wait on the nest for day after day, devotedly turning the eggs slowly broke my heart. Humans love to imagine themselves as separate to the animal kingdom, divinely created, different, unique. I don’t see that, I see only the similarities. A demonstration of our astonishing arrogance could be seen recently as humanity watched on in sympathetic bewilderment as a female killer whale carried her dead offspring around for weeks afterwards. How could this be we thought, it’s almost as is she’s grieving! Of course she’s grieving, she was grieving just like we would, mourning her loss and doubtless experiencing the same unutterable devastation as anyone would to have experienced such horror. We like to think we are different, it’s what we believed in the dark ages when certain texts were constructed, humanity’s first attempt to explain our arrival on Earth. Now we have evidence, written into every single cell of our bodies, our DNA. This shows, unequivocally, by numbers in their trillions, that we aren’t dissimilar to animals, we are animals, just one of 8.7 million species on Earth, everyone a miracle of indescribable beauty and value, every one created by an unbroken chain of birth, adaptation and death that stretches back to the Primordial oceans some 1.6 billion years ago. Every one of us, every human, every swan and every killer whale, a walking, flapping, swimming miracle. If we are to have any chance of creating a future on this planet for our own offspring then first we must start to see the value in the lives of others because without them, we too will be lost. @andyparkinsonphoto @thephotosociety

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