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Keep some goodfellas around you!.. #Mob #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


We have conversations in big venues.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


Who’s gonna go on the road with me so we can sing souls happy every night?.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral
Song: “Hope This Makes You Love Me”
Album: “Stronger”
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Happy Veteran’s Day to my pops. When i was little I used to wait for him to come home so I could take off his boots. It was the highlight of my day..lol. Now we go to vegas to see fights and gamble together. What a life! Thank you for your service dad..🙌🏾 #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


Amazing how death can bring you all the back to your birth.. The day 1’s that helped me go from church boy to a r&b man! Wouldn’t be where i am without em!.. #DMV #BigDog #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


Blessings to my og @ceocliffjones. Losing a mom is the toughest moment in life and my job is just to be here for my family for whatever he needs. The service was blessed. A woman who gave birth to kings, queens, and raised a community was celebrated. Love you big bro and lets keep you mom’s legacy alive by honoring her with our good works!..🙌🏾 #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


@iamdevale get back to the house!..🤣🤣 #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


When you leave LA and realize it’s winter everywhere else! I wasn’t ready..😩😩
#RnBMoney #TheGeneral


I’m honest with them so they’re honest with me.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


Making adjustments during the game like @floydmayweather.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral


#TBT I been doing r&b/dirty south colabs since 2002! Who do you wanna see me colab with for the new album?
#RnBMoney #TheGeneral #LetMeLive #OneMan


Are you working harder than me?.. #RnBMoney #TheGeneral