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Well, was trying to show you guys that these vintage black denim @ssobydanielle overalls are dropping Friday, but clearly Bleecker wasn’t having it.. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Morning thoughts 💭: Ive been on a personal emotional roller coaster with the power of social media as of late - from an egg receiving 50 million likes on a single Instagram to the Fyre Festival's biggest success and downfall all stemming for social postings - it all seems a little (ok, very) ridiculous. But then something happens, the 10 year challenge turns into a focus on cleaning up our environment, Shaun King posts to educate and actually create change bringing those responsible to justice, and even a lost dog is found within minutes through the Instagram community. My high of this weekend was of course Kylie Jenner posting a photo in a small business swim brand, my small business, generating over 60k in sales in just 1 hour (and she didn't even tag us). So the power of social media is clearly very real, and I vow to continue to use my platform for good and to maintain its purpose - to inspire fashion choices, introduce new brands/experiences, and share authentically.


Blue jean baby, soon.. #joesxweworewhat 📷 @omgteddy


BTS with @joesjeans today for #joesxweworewhat 📷 @omgteddy (and hair by @hayleyheckmann) • I cant wait for you guys to see the pics and finally be able to own these beyond perfect jeans on 3/28 (3 washes - light, medium, and black)


My f you to this gloomy LA weather 😜 in @lioness_official


at Joes HQ • when we were creating the Danielle jean in black the first sample was actually faded and almost grey looking, which is how most vintage black denim is.. I really wanted to maintain that vintage and rigid feel but with a true jet black color (almost impossible to find). After a bunch of new samples we finally found the perfect denim blend that holds its shape but has comfortable stretch. #joesxweworewhat


How I feel about this LA weather 😒


Overwhelmed with the excitement you guys are sharing for this collab! I was heavily involved with every single step of this process and truly feel that we’ve created the best fitting high rise jean out there! Just filmed a fun educational video on the @joesjeans denim making process at the factory - launch date for the Danielle is 3/28! #joesxweworewhat


ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! I’m so excited to finally share that I’ve designed the most PERFECT vintage inspired high waisted jeans with @joesjeans - the Danielle - that will come in three washes (light pictured here, medium, and black) launching end of March just in time for Spring! The fit is absolutely insane and I can’t wait for you guys to get them! #joesxweworewhat


Don’t ruffle my feathers 😒 wearing @lpa via @revolve


Just got to an out of character gloomy rainy LA but that’s okay because I’m here for a really exciting project and I mean business! 👊🏻 Any guesses? Will tell you guys about it tomorrow!


casual Sunday, super busy next few weeks ahead but feeling really good about it 👌🏻👊🏻