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NEW! Protein Chocolate 🍫
Guilty snacking? Not with us! 😋 Every bar contains incredible 45g of protein with only 7.5g of sugar paired with valuable fiber. The combination of high-quality ingredients and fine cocoa from Brazil result in a unique soft yet crunchy flavor 😍
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Thank you Dubai - we've had a blast at the @dubaimuscleshow 💥
Over the past few days we've met so so many of our amazing supporters from Dubai & the rest of the world and we are still blown away by all the love we received!
Also a big thank you to our international & local Women's Best athletes for making this event even more special 💕
Swipe for some impressions of our amazing time at the expo 🤗
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Help us choose and WIN 👐🎁
We're about to launch energy bars and need your help! 👉 Comment your favorite flavor below:
1️⃣ nuts & sea salt
2️⃣ coconut nuts & sea salt
3️⃣ chocolate nuts & sea salt
4️⃣ caramel nuts & sea salt
5️⃣ vanilla nuts & sea salt
From all the comment we will choose 3 lucky winners, who will receive a box full of energy bars once they are released!
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Our team is currently in Dubai at the @dubaimuscleshow so make sure to follow us along in our IG Stories & on @womensbest.me 🙌🇦🇪
Workout details:
1️⃣ Mobility front raises, 3 sets of 10 reps
2️⃣ Hand plank with side hand steps, 3 sets of 8 reps each side
3️⃣ Kneeling bicep curls, 3 sets of 12 reps each side
4️⃣ Front raise to lateral raise on all fours, 3 sets of 10 reps each side
5️⃣ Overhead tricep extension, 3 sets of 10 reps each side
🎥 by @zoehappyfit
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Tammy fuels her muscle with our tasty Women's Best ISO whey protein - the highest quality protein with +85% protein 💪
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📸 by @tammyhembrow
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This cable abs session is LIT 🔥💦
ROUTINE: 4set of 10-15reps per exercise
1️⃣ Knee crunches into leg extensions
2️⃣ Standing crunches
3️⃣ Leg extension sit-ups
4️⃣ Single leg side crunches
Hanna has a Women's Best Amino & Energy shake to push through this workout - click the link in our bio @womensbest to get yours and boost your workouts!
🎥 by @hannaoeberg
🎶 Fabolous ft. Ty Dolla Sign - Oh Yea
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Elena refuels her body with our delish Women's Best Aminos after a morning run to recover her muscle 🏃‍♀️
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📸 by @bella_be_active
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Tag your gym buddy 🙌
Working out with a partner makes your workout twice as fun 👯
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🎥 by @amandafinniee & @courtneydblack
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This delicious peanut butter oatmeal with granola & fruits is all you need to start your day perfectly 😍😍
Shop healthy cooking ingredients, superfoods & premium quality sports nutrition at www.womensbest.com (link in our bio)
📸 by @tabithaschr
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Let's burn them calories 🔥🔥
Perform each exercise for 1 minute and repeat twice for a quick, sweaty and calorie burning 8 minutes of cardio! That's a perfect circuit to start or finish a gym sesh 🙌
Our tasty Aminos keep krissy hydrated throughout the workout. Click the link in our bio to get yours!
🎥 by @krissycela
🎶 @ledrivula - Princess Diana
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Alice enjoys our crazy fruit pre workout booster to get in the mood for a killer workout 💪
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📸 by @pineapplebrat
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Simple but very effective ABS session 🔥 Lisa drinks our delish blue raspberry Aminos to support her body perfectly 💪🏼 -
• Beginner - 20 seconds per exercise, 3 sets per exercise, 3 rounds
• Intermediate - 40 seconds per exercise, 3 sets per exercise, 3 rounds
• Advanced - 60 seconds per exercise, 3 sets per exercise, 3 rounds
🎥 by @lisafiitt
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