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Is there a better way to start off your day than with protein pancakes & fruits? Nope! 💯🥞🍓
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Today's workout had Natalie feeling pumped and strong 💪🏼🍑
👉Swipe for the full routine:
• 5x6 RDL
• 3x12 overhead barbell split squats -each leg
• 4x8 dumbell squat to deadlift - 1 squat + 1RDL = 1 rep
• 5x8 landmine squat to press
• 3x12 unilateral step ups
• 4x20 banded goodmornings
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🎥 by @nattbfit
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Beth has some Women's Best pre workout booster to get that extra level of energy for a killer booty workout 🍑🔥
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🎥 by @beth_fitnessuk
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Happy Valentine's day to all of you 💕
Have a wonderful day with your significant other, your bestie, or whoever you decide to spent this day of love with!❤️
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📸 @vickyjustiz & @johnnyurra
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It's the best day of the week: Leg day!🍑🔥
👉Swipe for this great routine:
1️⃣Split squats
2️⃣Squat walks
3️⃣Single leg deadlifts
4️⃣Dumbbell hamstring curl
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🎥 by @kenziefitness_
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Chocolate is the answer - who cares what the question was 😍🍫 Diets don't have to be boring and non tasty - click the link in our bio @womensbest to check out our wide range of delicious sports nutrition and don't forget: until tomorrow you can buy 1 of our bestsellers and get another 1 for free! For more information, checkout our homepage (link in our bio)
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Krissy smashes this ABS routine fueled by our Women's Best Aminos 💦
1️⃣ Single Leg crunch (both legs)
2️⃣ Reverse Crunch
3️⃣ In & Out into a V up
4️⃣ Mountain Climber Cross Over
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🎥 by @krissycela
🎶 Sam Smith - Dancing With A Stranger
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ABS.. solutely Brittne's favorite protein shake after a workout 💦
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📸 by @brittnebabe
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Bomb leg workout 💪💣
👉 Swipe for the full routine:
1. Leg extensions - 100lbs (5x8)
2. Romanian deadlifts with dumbbells - 65lbs in each hands (4x8)
3. Close stance leg press - 360lbs (4x8)
4. Smith machine split squats - 35lbs on each side (4x6 each leg)
5. Heel elevated squats - 95lbs (4x8)
6. Hip thrust - 135lbs (5x10)
7. Reverse lunge into squat - 25lbs (3x6 each leg)
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🎥 by @fit.with.iulia
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Focus on your goals!👊
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📸 by @belafernandez
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Tag your gym buddy 🙌🏽
Kari & Heather love to get creative & have fun with their partner workouts 👯
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🎥 by @foreverfunandfit
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Sam drinks our yummy Women's Best Aminos to boost muscle recovery after working out 💪💦
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📸 by @sjamesfit
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