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Happy vday to everyone but especially to my baba :3 💞✧・゚: *✧・゚♡*( ͡˘̴ ͜ ʖ̫ ͡˘̴ )*♡
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This was one of the first shoots I ever did it felt so weird being in front of the camera I remember feeling like I had no idea what I was doing, I've learned a lot but tbh I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing most of the time ★
Photographed by the talented @michnoon
Styled by @trop.bleu
Published in @no.substance


I am forever grateful to the talented team who made this shoot happen❤Hope we can work together again in the future🙏🏼


Religion is silly but astrology is EVERYTHING (plz dont judge me) Anyways #happyholidays and happy #newmoon in #sagittarius coming up this friday. Last new moon of 2018 in a fire sign... U know what that means💥🔥🌚


Tb to this shoot in GZ with an incredible team!
Shot by @raivymei
Assistance by @2hi2hi1u0 and @tigerchaninc
Working with you guys at this location was an incredible experience. It was over 40 degrees that day! We drove out to a remote location to shoot in a neighboring city. Hope we can work together again someday🙌🏼❤


The past year has been a wild experience and I am so grateful to everyone who has been there for me along the way. I'm really excited for this next year to unfold🌠 This photo is from around a year ago when I did my first test with @iremharnak


Gender is a specturm. Last year I came out as non binary to my friends and since I started modelling Ive had to embrace my femininity more which has made me feel all types of ways. To the world I present as a woman and on the inside I just feel like a genderless celestial being. Gender is a construct and its kinda fake. For now Im trying to profit off this feminine flesh prison but I will always dream of the day when I can break free. Not all non binary people present as genderfluid or gender non conforming and that is ok. Not all non binary people are masc and not all non binary people are femme but sometimes they are and some days are different than others and ultimately its just a form of expression. I know its a privilege to move through the world as a person who may seem cisgendered but I still have these gender feels everyday so I thought I.should.share.my.feelingz.with.u.

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Outake from 'Deliverance'

This look was inspired by the iconic Frida Kahlo. I am forever greatful to the team who worked on this shoot. Although I feel like no emulation of Frida will ever come close to her greatness, I still felt honored when asked to work on this shoot...and thought it was an interesting coincidence that I have the same birthday as Frida Kahlo. Both if us emotional cancers trying to express individuality through imagery and portraiture of the self. She was simultaneously modest and grandiose which is something we can all learn from. Her work and philosophy has always been a point of inspiration to me and many folks worldwide. Frida Kahlo may have moved on but she is forever immortalized through her work🙏

Dreamteam: 📷@gabrieldisante_
💄@ramirovalparrr 👗@dana_wski
Thank you guys so much for this opportunity ❤⚘


This shoot was SO fun I will always remember it. These photos were taken near Dundas Square in Toronto before I moved at the start of the summer. I'm so grateful to have met such inspiring artists🔥 •
'Deliverance' published in
@elegantmagazine August issue •
Shot by the talented @gabrieldisante_
Hair and make up by @ramirovalparrr who is so incredible •
Fashion by amazing and stylish @dana_wski
You guys are unreal hopefully one day in the future we'll work together again🙏🌠💕


Being a model is weird because on the outside it looks like you're this well liked beautiful person but on the inside a lot of us are all just insecure and stressed about getting jobs that are usually soley bases on our appearance. Validation through ones physical appearance doesnt have to be bad ... but lets be real it can be very toxic for a persons self esteem 🤔🧐🤓😅😓😔😞🤧😭