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*Sound on* It’s #worldelephantday
This big girl didn’t want us to go. It was adorable. I think she just needed a kiss 😘 You can see her trunk coming in through the window checking us out. You can also see her orange eye πŸ‘ bulge at the end - she was a little scared of the car (they hate the sound of the motor). And that’s just it. These animals have opinions, fears, things that annoy them, things they love. They are so much like us (as if that’s the criteria that makes a creature worthy of existence). The point is they are emotionally complex, exert a massive influence on the world around them, and deserve respect. Always. And don’t be fooled by the radio collar - this is a WILD elephant πŸ™βœŠπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜βœŠπŸ™
I’m posting elephants and wild content from India this week in celebration for the my new book, also for @showrunnerproductions @netflix 72:Asia. This work was partly funded by the @geosocietyphila - and major thanks to @neetimahesh & @gowrivaranashi - 😎
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